Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Time Line: Year Three

This is a continuation of my time line series. Years zero through two can be found here.

Year Three:
My bedroom is at the end of the hall. I sleep in a twin bed with a Unicorn comforter set and Little Mermaid pillows. A hammock of stuffed animals hangs over my head, and my bed is surrounded by red steel bars to prevent me from rolling off the bed and hitting my head on the hardwood floor. The window above my bed is next to a small grassy area between our house and privacy fence that me and my best friend will later call our clubhouse. The tree in the club house casts a shadow on my wall at night that looks like a claw about to grab me from my bed. I worry about the claw every single night.

My mom, my brother, and I attend church at a big church near our house. At this time, all I know about God is that he is a man that lives somewhere above us, and that Jesus literally has a home in my heart (I envision a log cabin). The church uses an intercom system to make announcements about upcoming events at the end of service. One day my mom is talking to a friend when they start making announcements. I am upset that everyone is talking so I shush them and tell them to listen because God is speaking.

My grandfather is a big man who always wears the same overall jumpsuits engraved with his initials W.O.E. He has eight jumpsuits, and he keeps them organized in a certain order to make sure he doesn't wear the same jumpsuit the same day over a two week period. My grandfather is the only optometrist in my mother's small Texas hometown. Everyone knows my grandpa, and he is known to accept gifts, such as roosters, when someone can't pay. His office seems like a winding maze of hallways for me to explore, and his showroom is filled with every type of eye glasses imaginable. I love the showroom and playing dress-up with all the glasses. I now know the glasses are really expensive, but he never chides me for playing recklessly with them. In the years to come, I will always look forward to getting my eyes checked by my grandfather. After he passes, I will hate going to see new eye doctors.


  1. hahah i totally had a claw shadow too!! GAH, i hated that thing! those are sweet memories about your grandpa. hugs.

  2. I love these timeline segments. I had a unicorn comforter and hammock with my countless stuffed animals too :-) your grandpa sounded awesome with his overalls of the day.


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