Sunday, October 17, 2010

Private Blog

This blog is now private. If you want to continue to read my blog (and you don't even have to be a frequent commenter or explain why).  Just leave me your email in a comment or email me your email address at Put something about blogging in the subject line so I know it is not spam. And I will send you the information you need. Thanks.


  1. i totally understand the private thing! i hope you will add me-- my email is

    i'm so excited for you girlie!

  2. I just want to say good luck with your internship!

  3. Do you know if the posts will still show up in Google Reader? Not as the post itself, but just with the title or something saying it's private? I'd love to get the password and follow along, but I know I suck terribly at keeping up with any blog that falls off my reader :(

  4. You know I want to keep reading. I totally understand going private too. You've got my email!

  5. A wise decision....probably wouldn't do for your clients to come in and ask you about one of your adventures. :)


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