Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Plast Blast-The I Had a Crush on Who?! Edition

It has been forever since I posted something from my old journals, and since nothing much is going on in my life to write about right now (because all I'm doing lately is doing homework, completing design projects here and there, and I may or may not have watched the Bad Girl's Club Marathon all day long) now is as good of time as ever to post this.  This was written my sophomore year in college. As always any typos or misspellings are crimes against grammar were committed back then, and my commentary is in pink. Check out my other Past Blast entries by clicking here.

I just tried to take a nap but that’s not working, so I guess ill update before going to night class.But when I go to night class I get to see my new crush AKA Vagina boy (This one took me forever to figure out. Who was this guy? And why was I calling him Vagina boy? You would think I would remember someone I called Vagina boy. Finally, I remembered I was taking a Human Sexuality Course at the time, and the teacher asked for volunteers. She then asked each person to draw the opposite gender's sex. I believe he basically butchered the female anatomy, but he sure was HOT) ,  HA he had to draw a vagina on the board last week in class. It was classic.

So me and my suitemate went to pick up air freshener and some other things at wal-mart. But they wouldn't let her buy the air freshener because she had bought some OTC medicines. And they said we could make crystal meth. Like we even know how to make crystal meth (I guess I could have googled it, but honestly even if it wasn't illegal, I think I would be too lazy to bother making meth). They even made her sign a piece of paper where she promised not to make crystal meth. Do you think that would honestly stop someone? (yeah I once signed a paper saying I wouldn't do bad things before marriage too, and that didn't turn out too well). Think about a person walking in to a store and they are thinking "Man I was going to make some meth, but since I signed that slip, I can’t! Gosh darn it."


On another drug related note, Moe, lark, and I were watching rent last night. Moe asked if you could get AIDS from sharing needles and we told her yes. So she said as long as you didn't share needles you would be fine. I laughed and said, "doing heroin is probably still a bad idea, even if you bring your own needles from home." (I can't tell you how much I love Monique, she is one of my best friends, and she is getting married in September. I can't wait to go. But she was always saying things like that. I also loves this because I can almost see old Brittany starting to become new Brittany, sense of humor-wise).

Imp (IMP?) really tired, and I don’t want to go to class. But I will. But if I have to have a 3 hour class this would be the one id pick. Not because it is about sex (OK, it was because it was about sex), but we have so much fun in that class.

I'm going home Thursday, im excited. Thursday night im going to take the longest bubble bath known to man while a read my new book (This is totally stupid but I wish i had written what I was reading, I'm totally curious).

Friday im going to go see evita, britney (old best friend, now I hate her) can't go, so I invited jenny. If she can't, ill take my mother. Saturday my mother and I are going to eat and to a movie. And Sunday I will go back to Mississippi. Somewhere in there I need to study. but I won't worry about that yet. :). (Who am I kidding I was already worried).


  1. Aw, college you is so cute! I love how you're even a little sarcastic and funny in your own journal, haha!

  2. hehehe, Vagina Boy! That is awesome. Could you imagine if he'd turned out to be your husband? You'd have to explain to him when you first met him you nicknamed him Vagina Boy. :-)

    I loved my Human Sexuality class I took junior year. We had so much fun with that class, and weren't at all immature (yeah right!). We had to do a masturbation project and my group convinced me to bring in my pink leopard patterned vibrator I'd just got as a birthday present. It was still in the box and unopened but it was still embarrassing as hell!

  3. I loved the pink commentary.. yeah, too bad that you didn't write what you were reading, I wonder things things like that too, when i re-read old stuff I've written. Vagina boy. That. is awesome.

  4. I loveee your new layout, Brittany! It is adorable!


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