Monday, August 9, 2010

Guesting (Like Ghosting But Less Fun)

I don't actually know what ghosting is. Is that what they do on those paranormal  ghost hunting shows where they screech and jump at things the audience never actually sees? If that isn't what ghosting is, the word ghosting actually sounds kind of dirty. Which I'd be all for if the ghost looks like the actor who played the human Casper in the movie Casper way back in the 90's.  Because I think he was my first ever crush, followed closely by Jonathon Taylor Thomas (the name J.T.T still gives me butterflies). However, I think that still lusting after the child version of these actors is slightly pedophilic.  Look I made a new word PEDOPHILIC. Coming soon to a dictionary near you!

Wow, I totally lost the point of this post. Thoughts of J.T.T do that to me. I wrote a guest post for my friend Date Girl at Date Girl Diaries.  She's getting married soon, so she asked me to do a little something on wedding planning or weddings (since I survived one). Which got me all sorts of excited because my wedding was 16 months ago (holy fire balls, I can't believe it has been that long), and I haven't had much of a reason to talk weddings in a while. So I did a run down on my top moments of being a PanicZilla, not a bridezilla, I was never a bridezilla.  So for funny stories never written about here, head over there, and give a girl some comment love.

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