Monday, August 9, 2010

Kowabunga, Dudes?

This is the building Adam works in. It is a very pretty building, and a very tall building in downtown Long Beach.  However, I think it is very lame that while he works in a 25 floor building, he works on the 1st floor. No one ever wants to be on the first floor. It is like when you go to summer camp or church camp and you have to race the other children to the cabin because everyone wants the top bunk. And if you happen to be one of the unlucky ones who doesn't get the top bunk, you have to lay in your bottom bunk and stare longingly at the bunk above you every night, knowing that their life is currently better than yours. Or at least you know they have a better view than you because they are probably looking at those plastic glow in the dark stars.

But shock of all shocks, Adam loves that his office is on the first floor.  That first time he told me that, I was really surprised because I thought it was impossible to not want to be on the top floor. But you know why he likes to be on the bottom floor? He worries about earthquakes.  I get it I do, Southern California has many earthquakes, and I have been in many small ones since I moved here. When we do have earthquakes, his entire building sways and creaks. I tried telling him that is a good thing. Buildings built today are made to sway, so the likelihood that they will crumble during a earthquake is reduced. My logical approach doesn't help him feel any better, although I imagine a creaking building is pretty creepy. And his reasoning is that if a major earthquake hits, he will be safer because he is closer the the ground, but I think he is wrong. OK, I know he is wrong.

I think it would be better to be on the top floor, because if the building started to crumble, you could just kind of surf the debris down. Grab on to a door or a desk and just hold on. KOWABUNGA, Dudes. If you are on the bottom floor, aren't you going to be crushed by the 24 floors above you? The only support for his argument, in my eyes, is that maybe you would have more time to leave the building if you were on the first floor. I will give him that, and ONLY THAT, but that is not really his argument.  So I feel he is dead wrong. 

We have discussed the merit of top floor vs. bottom floor in earthquakes many, many times. This conversation seems to be so important to us, that we have brought our arguments to friends and families, and we can't seem to get anybody to completely agree with either of us. Some people are Team Brittany! And some people are Team Adam! Frankly, I only count the people who are Team Brittany. (By the way, Team Brittany vs. Team Adam will be a lot more popular than Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, and will be a national phenomenon soon. Although I am not a fan of Twilight, never read the books, or seen a movie. But I would totally be Team Jacob because Edward looks like he needs a blood transfusion. I guess that is why he is a VAMPIRE). So in the great earthquake argument of 2010, are you Team Brittany or Team Adam?


  1. Oh dear God... both of those prospects absolutely terrify me! Ha! I am too paralyzed with fear to even vote...

    On the other hand, I LOVE the new look! The owls in your header are precious :)

  2. I'm thinking it would be quicker to get out on floor one, but then what kind of story would he have to tell if the earth shook? None, because he'll experience nothing on the first floor!

    Go Team

  3. Team Brittany here. I immediately thought that you'd be crushed by the top floors too.

  4. i'm team adam. sorry girlie. but heights freak me out so if i was way up there i would crap myself!

  5. Absolutely Freaking Team Brit! I am on the 3rd floor of a 3 story building. I constantly have pointed out to my 1st floor co-workers that my ass would ride the wave down and squish their lame 1st floor asses.


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