Friday, August 13, 2010

In This Video, I Show You I Am So Not The Pack Leader

Doing this little video was actually pretty fun, although I was so nervous!! So thanks Blue Violet, Heather, Angela, Kristin, Date Girl, and Joie for the great questions. I got to cover a lot of stuff in this video: marriage, SARAH, and weight issues. It is not that long. I just made it two videos to speed up the uploading process. Hope you enjoy.

1. I am laying down on my bed, on my stomach. So I'm not some crazy looking chic whose head magically floats on top of my shoulders. I'm looking a little hunch back of Norte Damey.
2. Sorry about the incessant clapping of the hands. Its a nervous tic!
3. I'm sorry Blue violet! I forgot to show you my favorite part of the house. It is my place on the couch. It even has an ass groove. Carved out by my ass. Plus it reclines.
4. Joie! I'm sorry! You will see why near the end of the video!!
5. I don't know why I said Sarah's walk was an hour and a half. It's more like 45 minutes.
6. Sarah is awful right? She looks so dead because I woke her up out of a dead sleep and I can tell she is thinking,"What is that silly human doing now?" But believe me she heard me call her.
7. And Frizz Central! I'm out of gel :)

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  1. This was so cute to watch! Match caught me watching it and said I have to do one too someday.
    I love how your lil accent comes out especially when you say Sar-ahh. I love that the dog didn't come to you! Animals never cooperate for the camera.
    Life of Riley-I've never heard of that, now I know a new phrase. Wishing I was living that life right now! Bless your heart for opening up about your weight. You're amazing! I could tell you were nervous for part of the video, but you definitely got comfy as the video went on. I couldn't agree more about meeting someone online! Thank you so much for this video blog, please do another one soon. :-)


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