Thursday, June 17, 2010

Two of These People Are Not Like The Others

A few weeks ago I found out that my cousin's band, Fire to Reason, was going out on tour, and one of their stops was in Long Beach. I was pretty excited; it would give me a chance to support my cousin. REPRESENT! My second cousin Blake (or Baby Blake as my family calls him) is only a few years younger than me. My biggest memory of Blake is going over to stay at his house when he was five and I was eight. He had just started taking some form of marital arts, and I think the first rule of martial arts is to not harm others outside of class. But he must have been a really slllllllllloooooooooooow learner because I got some swift kicks to my face. And there was also a lot of tattling (on my part), and playing Mario Paint. Which is a really weird game now that I think about it because you just sit around swatting flies. WTF? How was that even fun?

My cousin's band plays very heavy metal and screamo music. Not me and Adam's cup of tea. I love country music and show tunes and Adam is all about the 80's. So I knew I was going to get screamed at for a half of hour, but I would happily get screamed at to support Baby Blake! Tuesday evening rolled around and it was not a good evening in the life of married people. Meaning our marriage. You know how 90% of the time you are completely happy and in love with your spouse? And the other 10% of the time you want to pull out your hair (I'd pull out his but he is currently Or take your husband on a trip to cage dive with the sharks....without the cage?

Adam has been really stressed about work lately, and the evening we were going to the gig, he had already been cranky and snappy with me all day long. It was like I just couldn't do the right thing or say the right thing to pull him out of it. So I kept ignoring it (recipe for disaster). I was also feeling self-conscious because I had nothing that seemed right to wear to a heavy metal concert. Going through my closet I realized that I LIKED pink a lot more than I thought I LIKED pink. Plus, none of my pants were fitting me right because I've lost so much weight, and haven't had the money or time to shop. Right now, all my pants make me look like I gained 100 lbs. So I wasn't happy with my outfit and as we were heading out the door and Adam was still being a total curmudgeon. 

Then Adam said something grumpy and annoying, and it was the last straw and I just lost it. I just wanted to have fun and be excited for the evening. He was ruining it for me. So I started to cry (I cry when I get mad, it's something I hate about myself, because people don't realize that I'm MAD and not UPSET). If it had been any other event I would have said forget it, but we had to go. So I storm out the door and he follows behind in a huff, and Sarah was looking around like what the f*** are these crazy humans doing.

We didn't talk the whole way to the bar, and I'm just thinking,"Great! Blake is going to see that we were fighting, and soon it will be going around the family that we are getting divorced. “Yes, I am a worst case scenario type of girl. I said, "Look, we just got to put this extremely stupid argument behind us and move on." That's what we did. Blake told me the event was at 8, but turns out it was really at 9 and they didn't actually show up till ten, so I guess that is rock star time? So to kill time, we watched the Lakers/Celtic game and I had way too many rum and cokes. And let me tell you guys, my drinking tolerance is way down. Because after one I was giggling, slurring my words, and taking silliness to a whole new level. My drunkenness really turned the night around for us. Because nobody can be pissed when drunk Brittany is in the house.

Finally the boys showed up and I got to spend ten minutes talking to Blake, and I was happy for him because I could tell he was just having the time of his life. No matter where his band goes in the future, I know that he will probably think about this as one of the best times in his life. It was a really small gig but people started to filter in. Apparently these people are aware of rock star time. It was a little bit of the mohawk and head banging crowd. Which I totally RESPECT but Adam and I both remarked that we felt like the old, fuddy parents coming to watch their son played.

They started to play and yes there was a lot of screaming and no I don't think I understood one word they sang. Yes there was some head banging, and some of me not knowing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. Dancing? Head Banging? So we just sat in our booth and enjoyed ourselves. Even though it wasn't my style of music, I could tell they were really talented, and we had a blast. They knew their music like the back of their hands and they were so passionate. They could make it, they really could. When we walked out, I felt like I had cotton in my ears, and I swear I still can't hear ANYTHING. Unless your yelling it through a megaphone right in my face.

Here's a little video of the performance. Of course, I picked the one moment the lead singer/guitarist was having technical difficulties to tape. And then I didn't want to try taping again because I didn't want to be like the crazy, unhip parents with the video camera. Or like the mother who picks her kid up from school in a mu mu and curlers. By the way, my cousin is on the left in the orange shirt. Poor guy was sweating all over the place.

P.S.-If you commented on my last post, I didn't reject it. Somehow they disappeared. It made me sad.

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  1. Maybe one day you can say you knew him when! :)


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