Wednesday, June 16, 2010

If You Are What You Eat, I Hope I Don't Start Quacking

I am by no means a picky eater, believe me. I can only think of a few foods that I absolutely can't stand. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is PEAS! And the word PEAS needs to be in all caps because they are that nasty. SKANKY even. Yes, PEAS are SKANKY. Take that PEAS. But I have had some semi-odd things. I ate squid in my sixth grade science class, and one side of my family is pretty redneckish so I've eaten a squirrel that was killed by them.

(Side bar here-my family actually gave me the tail of that squirrel to keep in the freezer, so when I went back home that summer to my mom's house, I wanted her to keep the squirrel tale in her freezer forever & ever & ever. So when she threw it out, I was so UPSET. Of course now I understand why she wouldn't want to keep a squirrel tail in the freezer next to her ice cream).

I live and die for sushi. All kinds of sushi. I crave sushi every second of everyday. I see sushi in my dreams dancing around in little sushi sized tutus. And when I write this on my blog, hit publish, and send it out on the great World Wide Web, I'm probably going to have an angry mob of PETA members and cute little duck lovers outside my door with pitch forks. I just hope Sarah will protect me. So, yeah, I have eaten baby ducks. Not only have I eaten baby ducks, but I have eaten baby duck skewers. I know that sounds really bad, but just hear me out. It was when I was on the trip to Israel, back in 08, when I tagged along on my mother's business trip. So while in Israel I ate my weights worth of hummus, and apparently baby ducks. One afternoon we were having lunch, and we didn't order from the menu. Instead the wait staff brought us out a bunch of dishes to share. And I'm a fat kid, so I didn't ask what I was eating. So there I am eating my baby ducks skewers, and I asked what I was eating and they told me. And that is when I kind of freaked out. Ugh.

But recently I've tried a lot of new things for the sake of cutting calories. Mainly California type things:
1. Fish Tacos 
Yeah, this might not seem so unusual, but I had never ever heard of fish tacos before moving to California. Personally, I like my tacos chocked full of fatty beef and beefy, fatty grease. Fish doesn't even have the texture or anywhere near the flavor or beef. That is no where near an easy swap. But I tried it after examining the calories the other day. And it's not half bad. It's not near as good, and I'll take my Taco Bell over that any day! But for now, it’s good enough. Sacrifice!
2. Avocado Sandwiches
Again one of those not so unusual things. But I never thought I would like avocados because of their texture. I'm really weird about the texture of things. I will not eat eggs because of the slimy, oozy, disgusting texture of eggs. Plus who wants to eat a food you don't really have to chew? Gross. I'm not old, I don't have dentures, so I have no reason to not like chewing my food. Also, I rarely eat untoasted bread slices because I hate, hate how bread feels. Don't even get me started on my napkin phobia. So one of the girls in my class was always getting these avocado sandwiches from the cafe at our school. And I always thought the smashed avocados looked like baby food. But the club sandwich I was always getting was not too healthy, so I bit the bullet and gave it a try. I loved it. All week long I look forward to my Thursday night class avocado sandwich. Yes, when I like a food, I get positively obsessed.
3. Ostrich Burgers
When I texted my mother, and I told her I had eaten an Ostrich Burger, she replied, "We need to get you out of California! Stat." Adam and I love to go to Fuddruckers, and when I wasn't dieting I could slam down one of those amazing burgers without batting an eyelash. But lately we go to Fuddruckers and we order the exact same thing and Adam manages to LOSE two pounds, while I manage to gain five pounds just by thinking about eating the burger. This is where I insert some comment about how unfair it is that it seems to be so much easier for men to lose weight than women. But that would make me sound bitter, now wouldn't it? So I decided to try the ostrich after reading a little bit about. It is a little chewier than a beef burger, but pretty good. So now at least I can go to Fuddruckers!

So is there anything that you guys have ever had to give up or swap out? What are some of your surprising food finds? I'm open to suggestions!


  1. Haha, us Californians eat some weird food. I ate caribou once. I grew up on red meat and potatoes in Oregon and then I moved here and stopped eating it. My mom could not deal! She's like, "What do you mean you don't eat cow? It's COW, it's good for you!"

    I love sushi too. I seriously fantasize about it. Now you've got me picturing sushi in tutus.

    I've traded out ground beef for ground turkey and I swear to you it's better, even with tacos. Add the seasoning and you can't tell the difference. I've also switched out ice cream for frozen yogurt when I want a treat, and I think it tastes pretty good.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go find an avocado sandwich. That sounds incredible!

  2. You have me dying for an avocado sandwich now! Where did yours come from? I live in LA (obviously, who else would be jonesing for that, LOL!), and I'm looking for a good avocado sandwich!

    (Oddly, there's a mom-pop hamburger stand near me called Pete's that used to have ostrich burgers. They don't sell them anymore, but I hear there's a place in Silverlake that has them.)

  3. I've only had one fish taco that I really loved--I think I just don't like the mahi in it. Too dry. But I looooove shrimp tacos! Maybe you could try that?

    Lately I've been doing South Beach, which means severely cutting back on the bread and pasta that I usually consider a staple. Last week we tried spaghetti squash and it was the coolest thing ever! It's squash, but it has the texture of al dente pasta. So crazy!

  4. tacos just don't sound that appetizing to me. I have heard they are great...just something not right about it. :)

    Avocado sandwich...sounds good! I have just started eating red meat again after a 10 year hiatus. Not to get too graphic, my body was rebelling and reacting in not such a fun way against red meat until recently when I dared to try again. I'm loving me some burgers once again. :)


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