Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hey Big Spenders!

Adam and I have never made any big, adult purchases since we've been together. But come to think of it, I haven't really made any adult purchases on my own (unless you count plunging myself into thousands of dollars into debt for my edumacation). We didn't even purchase the bed we sleep in. When we moved in together, my mother bought us a really nice bed as a house warming gift. This is kind of ironic, because originally she was really against me "living in sin." Once in high school, when I was dating my first serious boyfriend, she told me I could do other things while fooling around but I was not to have sex. I could not have been more uncomfortable in that conversation even if beforehand my mother had broken all my fingers one by one. After that talk, I think I did lose interest in the "other things" for a quite awhile. I bet that was her plan all along! Sly move, mother.

A few months ago, Adam and I spent sometime hanging out with my friend Albert from school and his wife. They had a huge flat screen TV, and since then Adam has wanted a new TV. He has been obsessed, like driving me insane obsessed. I asked him why he never mentioned wanting a new TV before we went to Albert's and he said, "I always wanted a big TV, but seeing theirs made it a reality." Say, what? But we had been saving for quite a while for new couches because our couches were horrible. Adam got those couches used from a friend years ago, and they were OK at the time (barely), but they had eventually morphed into uncomfortable and stained couches that to me looked like saggy, green ogre boobs. Kinda like how Fiona from Shrek's boobs would look after she had spent years breastfeeding 10 little ogre babies.

So now all of sudden Adam is telling me he wants to take the money saved to buy couches to buy a new TV, and I wasn't having it. I wanted couches! Just something comfortable, that looks nice in the room,  Plus, I don't really get the fascination with having a big TV. Believe me, I love me some reality TV, a.k.a brain rot, but as long as I have a TV to watch it on, I don't really care how big or nice it is. Am I right or am I the only one? But eventually I gave into Adam, because honestly I love making people happy. I'm the happy helper lady, it is just what I do. This is why I'm in school to become a therapist.

So last Sunday we went to Best Buy to buy the TV, and we did buy the TV. I was actually starting to get kind of excited about the TV. I guess watching Heidi Klum say," That Means Your Out," might be even better on a big screen in High Definition. Since we were running around town, we figured it wouldn't hurt to go and at least glance in Living Spaces. Maybe it was the leftover endorphins from buying the TV talking, but we decided we could possibly, maybe afford one couch that day and then buy its match later on. But we soon quickly discovered that we had widely differing taste. I like bright colors and he only wanted brown. So I would suggest blue and Adam would look really disgusted. Then I would suggest red and he would say that red was, "too seventies." *rolls eyes* I also learned that picking out a couch color can make me oddly emotional. But heck, sometimes I cry at commercials.

We finally decided on a shade of brown I didn’t hate, and a couch that had two built in recliners. We were debating buying that couch, and talking to the salesperson. He said that we should be aware that Living Spaces rotated their furniture sets often, and we might not be able to get its match later on. I started panicking because the thought of not having matching furniture suddenly sounded like the worst thing that could ever happen to me. "I've watched too much HGTV to allow that!" I cried! So I convinced Adam that we just had to get both couches, and that we could afford it as long as we didn't eat anything at all for the next few months. I also might have guilt tripped him a little by hanging one big, flat screen TV that I allowed him to buy over his head.

After we paid for the furniture, we weren't really excited like I imagined we would be. Walking out of Living Spaces we both had huge lumps in our throats. I know it’s not as expensive as a car or a new house, but for us it was a lot of money. I mean we had just spent more money in one day than we do in a couple of months! We kept looking at each other with a deer in the headlights look asking, "Are You Excited Yet?" But once the buyer's remorse wore off, we really did start looking forward to delivery.

The couches arrived yesterday and we love them. I'm still not crazy about the brown color, but I think I can offset it with bringing other colors into the room. But I have to give props to Adam because having couches that recline was a totally inspired idea. So freakin comfortable. And watching reality TV on the big screen? Totally Amazing.

So now I'm having fun sending Adam messages at work like, “I bet I'm more comfortable than you right now!” Which let’s face it, I totally am.


  1. Haha too cute. We have a couch that has two recilners, it is amazing! We don't have a huge tv but it is flat screen and HD... and going on the fritz I think. I can't wait to buy a new couch though, ours is just a few years old but when you have kids they um die a slow/quick death.

    Congrats though!!!

  2. Nothing like a good case of buyers remorse to bring your back to earth right? But I love the feeling you get when that (finally) wears off and you are doing the dance of celebration as you sing "Yea! New Stuff!"....or maybe that is just me.....moving on.... :)

    My youngest daughter wants a new television but I told her we had to wait until the one we have dies...and when we get a new one, it will be beans and weenies on the menu for the next year. :)

  3. i had fun reading your post. its nice you got a new big tv and a new couch. you just have to be sooooo stringent for the next couple of months. thanks for sharing your story im inspired to see people in love

  4. I actually think you'll end up really liking having a neutral color for your sofas. It makes it really easy to "redecorate" by bringing other pops of color into the room (like you said) and you don't have to worry about trends or your taste changing over time. I'm like you with the big tv too, I just don't really understand the need to have a massive television, but I do like watching them at other people's house--maybe I'll come over and watch yours ;)

  5. So I totally know the feeling-- When Curt and I bought our first couch (we moved in together two years ago this coming May) we went furniture shopping together and financed a couch & loveseat together-- He let me pick it but only after BEGGING him. It's lime green suedeish. I LOVE it but it's already seen better days because of our dogs. I should have totally went with the sectional that he wanted. ha ha ha. I also let him have his big TV that he wanted, mainly because I promised him if he let me have the wedding of my dreams, I'd buy him the big TV of his, so I went to Best Buy on Valentine's Day and bought him a 42" LG. HE IS IN LOVE. ha ha ha ha. Men and their electronics, right?

    YAY on the new furniture and TVs! Isn't it lovely?!?! Think of the fun pillows you can get to offset the brown!!!

  6. I'm glad you came over to the HDTV side. Isn't it amazing? Match and I only have basic cable but we watch it in glorious giant size. :-)

    I want new couches sooo badly. I'm having trouble justifying the expense with the wedding only months away. I keep telling Match that we have to have them because family will be visiting. He rolls his eyes and says we'll regret it later when we move somewhere bigger. I feel like the next place we move will most likely have a family and living room so it's totally justified. Back me up girl! :-)

    Oh, and with brown couches you can totally do bright colored throw pillows to offset the color. You can really have fun with them. Plus if you get sick of the color on the throw pillow you can switch them out for different seasons.


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