Thursday, April 15, 2010

Debbie Does Dallas, Brittany does D.C.

Something magical happens when Adam and I go on vacation, we transform into Vacation Adam and Vacation Brittany. Vacation Brittany is every bit as goofy as Regular Brittany, but she is a bit more snarky. Vacation Adam appreciates Regular Brittany more than he usually does. Because usually when Regular Brittany is goofy, Regular Adam looks at Regular Brittany with a blank face that says, "Did she really just say that?" But Vacation Adam thinks whatever Vacation Brittany says is hilarious! But Regular Brittany is going to stop talking in third person now, because Regular Brittany was once told that talking in third person is a sign you will grow up and become a serial killer. And while Regular Brittany enjoys reading about serial killers, she doesn't really want to be one.

We had an awesome time in D.C. The first day in D.C. we walked our little big butts off, taking in all the sights. We saw the Capital, the Supreme Court, The Washington Monument, The White House, The Lincoln Memorial, and the Sculpture garden. We ate lunch at Good Stuff Eatery on Capital Hill, which is a burger shop owned by Spike from Season 4 Top Chef. Spike was even there slinging burgers with the crew! I had the Prez. Obama burger, and I swear to Bob that was the best burger I've had in my entire life. I would have married that burger had I met that burger before Adam. Not even kidding. Anniversary be damned!

In the evening, we took a Lincoln Assassination walking tour, and learned so much stuff that isn't in our history books. The information made my little history loving heart go pitter patter. After the tour, we made our way back to the hotel. My feet were absolutely killing me. I didn't know how I was going to make it those 5 blocks up hill! But I just started trudging along up hill, and Adam kept repeating, "You’re so brave, so courageous."

The second day we were in D.C., we woke up and Adam wished me a Happy Easter! And I almost wanted to slap him because HELLLLOOOO it was our anniversary. Our first anniversary no less! I wanted to say that our anniversary was more important than Easter, but as a rule I typically prefer to stay on Jesus’ good side. When we finally got out of bed, I discovered I had blisters that had popped up on my feet overnight. So the morning of our first anniversary, I sat in the tub, while Adam popped my blisters with a safety pin. Because we are romantic like that.

After all the fun blister popping,we headed down to the American History Smithsonian. I was so excited to see Julia Child's kitchen! Yes, I have only now fallen in love with Julia Child after seeing the moving Julie/Julia.So I'm like a piggy backin Julia Child fan. But so what! We also saw Dorothy's Ruby Red shoes, Apollo's Olympic speed skates, and Archie Bunker's chair. I also really enjoyed the first ladies dresses exhibit. After the muesum, we walked back down to Ford's Theatre and the Peterson House (where Lincoln died) to go inside.

For our anniversary dinner we ate at Sette in Dupont Circle. Finding a place that both Adam and I will enjoy that is semi-fancy is a challenge. He is harder to feed than a 3 year old with food allergies. So the first thing I always do at a new restaurant is scan the menu looking for something he likes! I'm like a mother hen. He (I) settled on the Margrheta Classico (Cheese Pizza) for him. And now he loves telling people he ate the Margherita Classico, he likes to pretend it was fancy. So cute. I also ordered a drink there, and I swear the glass they delivered was a drink the size of a thimble. Oye. Afterwards, we got the best homemade ice cream from a rather snarky business owner.

The last morning we spent in D.C. was the one we had both been looking forward to the most. We were going paddle boating on the tidal basin during the cherry blossom festival. The tidal basin is off of the Potomac, and is surrounded by the Jefferson Monument (or as I kept accidentally calling it the Jeffersonian Mon-Non-Num-Ment) and the FDR Memorial. It really was beautiful, and after we saw the sights we started to get a little goofy. We started pretending the other paddle boaters were the enemies, planning an escape route down the Potomac River, and thinking about turning it into bumper paddle boats. I have a video of this, but I haven't convinced Adam to let me show it yet. He says it is cute, but not internet cute.

Afterwards, we made the long trek back to Smithsonian’s to check out the Air and Space Smithsonian. Which I really did for Adam, it's not really my thing, but I actually had a lot of fun. I was so excited to get to see Amelia Earhart's airplane, because I had just finished reading a biography of her life. They also had a great exhibit on the planets, although I'm still pretty peeved that Pluto is no longer a planet. Frankly, the scientists that decided that can suck my big toe. After the Smithsonian, we just spent the rest of the evening enjoying our last night in D.C.

It really was a fantastic honeymoon, all I could have ever asked for really. These are some of my favorite pictures I took in D.C. and you can check the rest out on my flickr.


  1. awwww, it sounds (and looks!) like you guys had a blast! so exciting! and again, i LOOOOOOOOVE this layout. it's gorgeous!

  2. Agreed...the new layout is very nice and easy on the eyes. :)

    It does sound as if you guys had a great honeymoon. I have to ask ~ just to see if other people think this or am I the only one. Did you have someone take your photo and if so stand there the entire time worrying they would run off with your camera as you posed? I always do....even if it is some grandpa taking the photo. I decide if I can outrun and tackle them before I hand over the camera. I'm weird that way. :)

    You have some beautiful photos here...going to head over to Flickr and check out the others hopefully this weekend.

  3. awwwwwwww, congrats on the marriage. I've really missed reading your blog but I lost all my links and couldn't remember what the heck your link was. I'm adding you back to the blogroll right now so I won't be missing anything else!

    Love the pics!

  4. i love to hear love stories like this. im so happy for u sis


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