Saturday, April 24, 2010

Past Blast-Gotta Cut Loose Edition

This is the fifth installment in the Past Blast Series. This was written on August 29th, 2004, a few weeks after I started college. Candace was my roommate freshmen year, the first person I ever shared a room with, and I loved her. We had a lot of great times together, and a few bad ones too. Like the time she accused me of eating Cheez-Its in the bathroom, because we had started getting ants in the bathroom sink. Eating Cheez-Its in the bathroom? Really? I don’t eat in the bathroom, promise. Unfortunately she ended up flunking out, and I didn't see her much after that. By the way, most people I roomed with in college ended up flunking out. Apparently I'm a jinx. This entry isn't as long or as funny as the others; I just picked it because I was feeling a little bit nostalgic about my days at MUW. As always, the typos and bad grammar are the fault of old Brittany. My commentary is in pink.

Last night I went over to Sophia and Mertrice's room, becaue there was a lot of laughing and I just couldn't sleep. (Our dorm room was at the end of hallway with only a few other rooms and we called ourselves the Southsiders. We even made signs that said Southsiders and posted them all over our halls. We were always in trouble for being so loud! You could hear us cackling for miles).

We started talking about Santana and how she was crying in her room because she had just broken up with her boyfriend. And me ANd mertrice (both psychology majors) were feelinhg (really Brittany? You couldn't take the time to proofread and fix "feelinhg"?) pretty bad about it. I swear we were both about to cry. But we did offer to go an console her for 2 dollars a minute, of course (Good old Psych humor, it kills everytime). :o)

I realized something absolutely tragic today. My alarm clock has no snooze button (It sounds like I was joking, but I was so serious. I'm pretty sure I trashed that thing asap. Why even make an alarm without a snooze?). How can a alarm clock have no snooze button? That is ashame. How will I catch those ever so crucial nine minutes of sleep. Why the crap is it nine minutes anyway (I still want to know WHY?) What a truly odd number.

Last night Candace and I couldn't get to sleep. So we watched Saturday Night Fever. We started talking about how we both love all dancing movies. (Dirty Dancing, CenterStage, Save the last Dance) and then spent an hour trying to figure out the name of one movie. Where dancing is outlawed and then they all mysteriously learn how to dance So after about an hour of frustrations and literally hitting ourselves on the head, I remembered it was FootLoose (I haven't actually seen the movie, so knowing that everyone mysteriously learns to dance perplexes me. How does that happen? Explain this to me). I will never forget the name of that movie again. Though Candace said she would forget tomorrow (and I'm pretty sure she did, gosh I miss that girl). :o)


  1. You are not alone....I have even laid in bed after hitting the snooze thinking why did they pick 9 minutes as the "perfect" amount of time to snooze?? "Footloose", the town where the kids couldn't dance was because they weren't allowed ~ it was considered EVEEEEL to dance. Enter Kevin Bacon, a fresh young buck from the big city. He proceeded to corrupt all the young folk cause he just had to dance. :) And if you are into old school tunes, the sound track is fabulous! :)

  2. hahahah these are probably my favorite little series that you do-- I LOVE THEM! :) However, I am totally awesome and lucky in the fact that I can select my snooze time! WOOT! :)


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