Sunday, February 21, 2010

Past Blast-The Blue Hair Edition

A few weeks ago, I wrote about reading over my old live journal entries, and my blogging BFF (ha see I'm channeling being a teenager already) date girl, got inspired and posted some of her old journal entries. I thought that was a great idea, so now I'm stealing her idea. So I found this semi-cringe worthy entry from when I was seventeen, posted on February 2nd, 2004. I copy and pasted this, so all the typos and spelling mistakes are my original ones. I used to never proof read. My commentary is in red.

Next year when I leave for college, I plan to get a semi permenent blue streak in my hair. I've always wanted to (I can't tell you how much I wanted that blue streak in my hair, I thought it would make me the coolest person on the planet. You know since no other person in the world has ever dyed their hair before) ANd now I will. I'm also going to get a really small tasteful tattoo on the back of my right shoulder. I also may want a nose stud. My mom will die (yeah, she would have killed me, but I'm stll considering getting a tattoo, but I think I just have been watching too much L.A. Ink). But I've always wanted these things. Sydni has a great tattoo, and Rebeccas piercing is awesome. This isn't a rash descion. It just what I've always wanted. But I'll have to wait till May, when I'm 18. I may change my mind. All these things I plan to do tastefully (I wanted to be classy, yo).

I still have to finish Things Fall Apart for English class, it's a an alright book, but I'm having trouble getting in to it. Part of it, is I can't pronounce the names, and that bothers me (Why a comma after it? It took all my strength not to correct that). Because I don't know how to read it. If that hasn't confused you (Sad, sentence fragment). I think I even confused myself. Figuring out what I meant. But I know what I meant, and that is all the matters. Sometimes I think I'm just too deep for others to get (yeah about as deep as a coy pond).

 I have to write my personal narrative (for my Senior Scrapbook) on "Suddenly I became me" How do I answear that? What in my childhood made me, me? Do I talk about memories, stories? ANd where is the line between what I actually remember, and stories I've just been told. This assignement is so hard (Oh teenage Brittany, you have no idea how easy this assignment is compared to what you will be doing at 23).  Its really late, so I need to go to bed!  Byyyyyyeeeeeeeeee.  (Don't you wish you knew me then?)


  1. Yay, I'm so glad you started this too! I sort of stole the idea from you, let's be honest. :-) And can I just say I'm so excited to be your bloggy BFF! ;-) Like we should totally get bracelets.

    Hehe, about as deep as a coy pond. I hear ya girl! I thought I was so deep and insightful in high school. Oh and I really think you should get the blue streak. They make these clip ins, they're barrettes with fake colored hair on them. They're actually super cute. I used to have hot pink hair (sadly in college not high school!!) and I'm going to get some clip ins to relive my youth. :-)

  2. Oh damn, girl, I am going to have to dig out my old journals! Yours cracks me up, especially the homework part. Man, if we'd only had known..


  3. I'm sitting at work as I read this, trying so hard not to laugh really loud that my body is shaking. I'm sure my co-workers think I'm having a fit of some sort. And I'm having laughter tears. I loved this little look back, but I think I loved the commentary more! What a great sense of humor you have!! :)

    Sometimes I just cringe when I look back on some of the things I have done....and I have a lot of years to look back on! Thanks for sharing was a great start to my day (she said wiping away the tears!). :)


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