Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Need a Support Group to Run a Support Group

Right now I am taking a class on group therapy. I am really enjoying it, and now I can watch shows like Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, and know exactly what is going on. So they will be in group therapy on the show, and I will be getting all psych nerd up in living room yelling things like, "They are totally storming the group!" This gives Adam a second reason to want to go into the bedroom to get away from me, the first being that I am watching Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

So I have another pesky role-play Thursday night for that class. You know where I get in front of the class and play therapist, and I ask people about how the feel about their feeeeeeeeeelings. While all 16 people in my class, plus the professor are looking at me with their scary eyes, my heart is beating like a jungle drum, and basically I'm convinced that I will just die. And how dare they actually make me act like a therapist, when I'm going to school to become a therapist?!? Life is just so unjust.

I know that one of my New Year's Resolutions is to become more confident in role-plays. Believe it or not, I am slightly less nervous than I was the last time around. But I have made about as much progress as a person who claims to be doing better on their diet by eating 3.75 spoonfuls of frosting a day instead of their usual four. Baby Steps, Right?

I'm doing my group therapy presentation and role play on Social Anxiety. This is ironic for two reasons-In college, I once saw a flyer for a social anxiety support group and I thought,” No one will show up!" Ha. Plus, most of my own anxiety issues center around social activities and interactions. So I will be experiencing some of the symptoms I'm supposed to be treating. Is this what a marriage therapist feels like when they are getting divorced?

Earlier today, I was having a woe is me, life is hard moment about this all, so I posted this to my twitter:

I also sent the exact same message to my husband via email. This is when you learn that following me on twitter is a lot like being married to me. The angst, the PMS, the bad grammar, the excitement over random things, the "did she really just say that" moments, and all the other brilliant and awe inspiring things I say. You guys are so lucky to know me. *snort!*

Adam’s replies were sweet in the beginning:

Adam: If there’s anything you want to practice tonight just let me know. I can play multiple roles.
Me: Maybe, if only to get idea bout what I'm going to say, so I have some direction. It’s just annoying, because I've never done bad in a role play, and yet I don’t believe in myself.
Adam: It’s okay. I don’t believe in you either. :P

This conversation, my friends, sums up my entire marriage quite fittingly. Support and Sarcasm all rolled into one.


  1. I'm right there with ya....I would rather poke myself in the eye with a hot stick then get up in front of a crowd and speak. Funny thing is, people say they would have never guessed I was as nervous as I was. Sending good karma your way! :)

  2. You will be PERFECT! I cannot wait to hear how you did! :)

  3. I don't have a problem with public speaking, but the role-playing thing is just always weird to me. Let's not play pretend--it's just weird when you are an adult.

  4. Yeah, I admire you for getting up there. Adam's response cracks me up, I love me a good sarcastic comment!
    I can't stand acting or any sort of public speaking. The only thing I can do in front of a crowd is sing. Random but true. Anything else is terrifying! Good luck, you're going to do just fine!!


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