Monday, February 8, 2010

Little Letters Part Trois

Dear Monday,
Can I put you off just one day longer?

Dear The Lovely Bones,
I cannot stop reading you.

Dear New Orleans’ Saints,
I love when the underdog wins.

Dear Heater,
We have had you fixed TWICE, and you still don't work? Totally uncool.

Dear Cassidy Ann (my oldest niece),
How did you get to be 15?!?

Dear Walnut, Blue Cheese, and Pear Pizza,
I cannot stop craving you.

Dear Netflix Steaming Live on the XBOX,
You are totally awesome, I never run out of stuff to watch on you.

Dear Jury Duty,
I hope you don't turn out to be a pain.

Dear Honeymoon,
I am counting down the days till you.

Dear 30 day Shred,
I was ill, so I had to quit you. But it’s about time to try again.

Dear Sarah Lee,
You terrified me when you licked my feet this morning when I was asleep, but it was pretty sweet.

Dear Upcoming Thursday Night Class,
I am super nervous about that role-play, but I am trying to stay positive.

Dear Winter Olympics,
I secretly love you more than the summer Olympics. But don't tell summer, shush.

Dear Husband,
You are a dork, but you are my dork.


  1. I love your little notes :) I have been thinking about that pizza a LOT! Is it good?!

  2. Your little letters are my favorite. My dog does that too, scares me out of sleep. One day it was just him coming into the room like a ninja and then starring at me. I woke up with a start and had this dog face right next to me. I actually screamed! :-)


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