Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ho Fo' Sho

One night back in my freshmen year of college, I was joking around with my group of friends at a Wal-mart that we were all a group of Hoes. So as a joke we numbered ourselves "Ho Number One, Ho Number Two," and I happened to be Ho Number Four. This was quickly shortened to "HoFo." Later that same night, I was separated from the group by accident. So my friends had an employee page Brittany "Hofo" Ervin over the loud speaker. I was so embarrassed, and I high tailed it out of the store without ever meeting up with my friends! I learned a very important lesson that night: being alone in Wal-mart is a dangerous thing. But the nick name stuck, and now all my college friends call me HoFo. I have grown to appreciate the name, and I miss hearing my friends say it everyday.

A few weeks ago I got this glass as a gift from a friend in the mail. She found it at Spencer's and its part of the Pimp Stein collection. LOL I'm so proud of my Ho Fo Sho cup. But you guys don't get to start calling me HoFo now.

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  1. Hahaha, you can't just dangle a nickname out there like that and then take it back HoFo. Nicknames don't work like that! ;-)

    Please please drink cheap wine or margaritas out of that bad boy, all while blasting Promiscuous Girl and dancing. :-)


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