Friday, November 13, 2009

Otherwise Known as Brain Rot

Sunday I watched the Keeping Up With the Kardashian Wedding special. Not only did I watch it, I was excited to watch it, I DVRED that sucker. I am not proud of this fact, its the type of show you watch with the volume down and the lights off. And while I was watching it, I teared up several times. (Shut Up). I was crying over someone else's wedding, that I have never met! The attachment I can form to people on TV is unreal, even to me.

I love reality TV. It is my guilty pleasure, my escapism. I wish my favorite shows were brainy and thought provoking, but there just not. My all time favorite show is The Real World. I've been watching that for at least10 years easily. Even though I accept that it is neither "Real" nor "Worldly." But a close second would be any of the Real Housewives Franchise on Bravo. Can we talk about how Theresa from New Jersey flipped that table? Awesome. My favorite housewife is definitely NeNe from Atlanta, because she says the funniest crap like, "Is your wig squeezin your head too tight, heifer?"

I have also followed The Duggar Family since the genesis of The Duggars on TV. While they are not people I would want to hang out with on a Saturday night, I think they are a pretty charming family. But every time I watch that show, I swear a child pops up on screen that I have never noticed before. Like Justin, I might have heard his name on the opening credits, but before Tuesday I never saw him before. I wonder if that is how Michelle (the mom) feels. Plus it cracks me up that the Dad's name is Jim Bob. That is so hickey, and I know hickey, because I'm from Alabama. (On a side note-there is a place out here in Long Beach called Jim Bob's Sushi, who is going to eat SUSHI at a place called Jim Bob's Sushi?)

Those are just a few of the Reality TV shows I love. There is also Top Chef, The Biggest Loser, Project Runway (I love me some Tim Gun), and America's Next Top Model. I guess it could be worse, I could be watching only Maury and Jerry Springer.


  1. I never could get into any of the reality shows, I guess I'm just a fan of old time For the record though, I never liked Maury or Jerry either :)

  2. I like reality TV too--Survivor, Project Runway (yes, I have my photo with Tim Gunn!), Top Chef, Amazing Race, and Hell's Kitchen. I pop in on the housewives, but I didn't like the Atlanta one--those chicks are too "ghetto" for me with all that drama.


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