Saturday, November 14, 2009


What I Miss About Childhood:

Playing Hide and Seek. Catching Fireflies. Sitting at the Kid's Table. Candy Land. Sesame Street. Believing in Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny. Disney Movies. Happy Meals. Tea Parties. Skating Rink Parties. Boxcar Children Books. Trapper Keepers. Lisa Frank. Icy Pops. Snick.

What I Miss About Adolescence:

Sleep Overs. Photography Class. My 10th Grade History Teacher. My Posse (friends). First Baptist Youth Group. Military Ball. First Love. Yearbook Signing. Summer Vacation. Friday Morning Breakfastes with my Mother. Being Color Guard Commander. The Used Book Store. London. Christmas Caroling.

What I Miss About College:

First Taste of Freedom. Late Night Donut Runs. Playing Hooky. Volunteering at Hearts Tutoring Center. Being a Part of a Book Club that Never Read the Books. Dr. Roth's Lectures. Hunch Punch. Falling in Love with my Husband. Israel. My Pink Dorm Room. Earning my Nickname, Hofo. Competitive Board Games. The 5th Floor Kincannon Misfits. Building Ginger Bread Houses in February.

What I Love About Now:

Learning What it Means to Be a Wife. Cuddling with my Golden. Getting a Master's Degree. Being Financially Independent. Conquering my Freeway Fear. Living One Mile from the Beach. Friday Night Dinners. Making New Friends. Living in California without Losing my Southern Identity. Working with Wonderful Children. Knowing that My Life Turned Out so Much Richer than I Could Have Ever Imagined.


  1. I love the progression that has taken place over the years! How fun! You made me think of the things I miss too.

  2. I think I might actually have to do this post because I really related to a TON of these kinda things :) Thanks for reminding me boo! :)


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