Thursday, November 12, 2009

From the Mind of a Three Year Old

I was watching the travel channel the other night, and a show called Extreme Restaurants came on. They had a bunch of interesting restaurants on there. One was called Ninja and it is located in New York. Basically Ninjas jump out and scare the ever loving peace out of you. That sounds so not fun to me, I hate being scared, and I would be a basket case by the time I left. Just ask my mom how I once turned around and ran out of a Haunted House 30 seconds after I had entered it. And how she didn't want to ask for her money back because it was for charity. So no thanks Ninja restaurant.

The second restaurant they featured was a little disturbing. It is called Modern Toilet and the original restaurant is located in Taiwan, but it is now a chain! The theme of the restaurant centers around, you guessed it, toilets and poop. You know how three-year olds think that talking about poop is hilarious? I have to believe that is how they came up with this restaurant concept. The chairs are actually toilets, and the tables are bathtubs. The lights are even shaped like poop, and they have a pink poop mascot statue in the front. The food comes in toilet bowls, and one of their menu items is vegetable curry (which looks really gross in the toilet, and I won't post a pic of that LOL). They also serve chocolate ice cream that is shaped like turds in toilet bowls! Insanity. There is no end to the madness. Apparently it is a really popular restaurant over there. I would probably eat there once just for the experience, but I still think it is pretty questionable.

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  1. Yea....I'm going to have to pass on both of those restaurants. First, I'm with you and the Ninjas coming out to scare you. I imagine food flying everywhere as people jump....not to mention it can't be good for the digestion. And the one with the toilets....nope, toilet seats would be uncomfortable for one thing. And, I'm sure I would have a problem eating something out of a toilet shaped object because....well, ewwwww. :)


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