Monday, November 9, 2009

Little Letters Part Deux

Dear Three Hour Nap from this Afternoon,
You were exquisite, but you will mess me up tonight.

Dear Facebook,
I resent you telling me who I need to "reconnect" with.

Dear Cheesecake Factory,
It has been too long since we spent some time together.

Dear Husband,
Even though you are a million times more stubborn than a mule, I still love you.

Dear Homer the Honda,
I'm sorry I don't wash you as often as I should.

Dear Monopoly,
You are the best board game ever.

Dear Sarah Lee,
Thanks for cuddling on the couch with me this morning. It’s like you knew that is what I needed to make my sinus infection a little more bearable.

Dear Halloween Colored M&Ms,
I can't stop eating you.

Dear Hamburger Helper,
Do Top Chef contestants ever cook you?

Dear Fall,
You are my favorite season.

Dear Green Bay Packers,
I don't like having a grumpy husband on Sundays, so please start winning some games.

Dear Nieces,
I am counting down the days until you come and visit me for Spring Break.

Dear Real Housewives of Orange County,
You are the epitome of guilty pleasure reality TV.

Dear Taylor Swift,
Am I too old to be relating to every one of your songs?

Dear Quick Shadow I Saw Run across the Kitchen,
Please don't be a mouse.

Dear Ice Hotel in Sweden,
One day I will visit you.

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  1. Amen to the Facebook little letter....I thought I was the only one that resented that!! :)


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