Thursday, November 5, 2009

Circumstantial Evidence

So on Sunday, I told you about the wonderful things my mother has taught me (and she is just as amazing as she sounds, the strongest woman I know). One of the things I listed was to always use a coaster. This is one I abide by, because I hate drink rings on a table. *Shivers* Adam really does follow along with this, but Thursday when I got home late from class ,I found an empty glass on the coffee table. And heaven forbid, we get a drink ring on our uber valuable $25 IKEA coffee table. All of a sudden I had visions of him putting a million glasses without coasters on the coffee table every Thursday night, and LAUGHING while I toil away in class. But he said that Sarah had knocked over an empty glass with her tail, and he had just placed it back on the table. I believed him, because Sarah has a massively, strong tail. Once she even managed to knock my lap top off the table.

But the next day, I found a drink ring on the table (not where the glass was last night) and decided to send him a light-hearted e-mail about it.

Me: There is a ring on the coffee table-You Bastard! :P
Adam: Okay bitch, impossible, listen up. The cup was empty, Sarah knocked it with her tail when I was trying to leash her up. The cup was not cool or wet enough to create a ring. That ring has to be from a different glass I had on the table. Or it was you. Investigate THAT!
Me: LOL I know its not where the glass was last night, but there is one on the side of the couch where you sit. I know it was you, because I'm too obsessive to do it. I bet you do it when I'm in class!! You are a bad person.
Adam: Well did it cause damage?
Me: I want to say yes and make you grovel at my feet and apologize, but unfortunately that would be a lie.

That man always makes me laugh. I love him.

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  1. You guys are too cute together....perfect match!! :)


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