Friday, November 6, 2009

Are You Ready for this Belly?

Have I ever told you about our God awful couches? They are couches that I had the misfortune of inheriting when we moved in together. Adam bought them used four years ago from a coworker. Maybe they were decent at one time (I doubt it), but now they are terrible. The cushions never stay put, so the longer you sit, the deeper you sink. Putting you into positions that even the best cirque du soleil performer wouldn't attempt. Heaven forbid you want to take a nap on the couch, because I guarantee you will end up with spring marks on your face & back pain like your grandma. Our couches are gluttons, constantly eating our cell phones and remote controls. Plus the couches are green, so they go with nothing in our house, especially the red chair that Adam picked out. It's Christmas year round here! We hate our couches so much, that we have told everyone not to get Christmas gifts for us, but to donate to the,"Brittany and Adam would donate their first born child to get new couches fund."
Two nights ago, Sarah had hoped onto the couch and gotten herself stuck. So Adam moved her a bit, and she ended up stuck in the position you see at the beginning of the video. And I guess we are kind of immature, because every time she wagged her tail we laughed, because it looked kind of dirty. So I shot this little video. I wish I had shot longer, because the five minutes it took to get her free were hilarious. She kept looking at us like, "What are those stupid humans doing to me?" But she just kept wagging her tail the whole time.
P.S-I don't usually laugh like that. I had been laughing so hard, I couldn't even breathe. And I think I sound like a man, so tell me I don't. Please?


  1. You are right......something about that tail doesn't look right!! :) And you can't be accused of sounding manly until someone keeps calling you sir on the telephone ~ even after you have given them your very girly sounding name!! :)

  2. LOL!!! She did not want to go anywhere did she... She loves that couch! lol, her tail...That was too funny...!!

  3. Oh this is hilarious! What is it about golden retrievers? They just plant themselves and don't budge. Such a cute video!


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