Sunday, November 1, 2009

Things I Learned from My Mother

My mother and me in Las Vegas

1. Be unfailingly polite, but if someone takes advantage of your kindness, stand up for yourself.
2. Always keep an umbrella in your car.
3. Know how a man handles these three things before you marry him: his mother, his wallet, and lost luggage.
4. You can wear the same pajamas three nights in a row.
5. When in doubt: Pray.
6. Leave room for the ice to melt when you make Kool-aid.
7. If you stick you neck out, your face looks thinner in pictures.
8. Crying is not a sign of weakness, but it sucks to do it in public.
9. Bitterness is a growing weed that will trip you up later down the road.
10. If you are old enough to stay home alone, you are old enough to wash your own clothes.
11. Trust your instincts.
12. You can never have too many Christmas decorations.
13. Be a punctual person, so on the rare occasion you are late, people will be understanding.
14. Change your sheets every two weeks.
15. Break big projects into little steps and it won't seem so daunting.
16. If you have to complain to a waiter or a customer service person start with the phrase, "I know this isn't your fault."
17. You will never be bored if you like to read.
18. Pack toiletries in a zip lock bag when traveling to prevent leakage.
19. It is OK to fail, what matters is what you do with that failure.
20. If possible, pay with cash.
21. There is no worse chore than hanging a shower curtain.
22. Don't lose yourself, just because you are in a relationship.
23. Friends who don't lift you up, shouldn't be your friends.
24. When you are wrong don't be too proud to apologize. If you really don't feel like you were wrong, at least apologize that the situation made them feel bad.
25. Forgive even when can't forget.
26. Always use a coaster.
27. Hair, clothes, and make-up are not what make you beautiful.
28. Sweet tea is better when it is brewed that way.
29. Don't take life too seriously, no one gets out alive.
30. If you are able to laugh at yourself, it won't hurt so much when others do.
31. The grass is rarely greener on the other side.
32. Don't eat too much cheese, you will get constipated.
33. Whatever you are worrying about today, probably won't matter when your 90.
34. People pay for curly hair like yours, so stop bitchin' about it.
35. Never let someone’s opinion of you, change your opinion of yourself.
36. Never buy clothes for the size you hope to someday be.
37. Some fears are not worth facing.
38. Refuse three times when someone offers to pay for your dinner before letting them.
39. Never wear white when you are going to eat Italian food.
40. It is OK to get a C in a class if you really did try your best.
41. Watching movies and drinking hot chocolate is the best way to spend a winter day.
42. Never be embarrassed to go to the movies or out to eat by yourself.
43. Take a book to the doctor's office, you will be there a while.
44. It's better to be overdressed than under dressed.
45. Don't wear flip flops in the fall, your feet will catch cold.
46. Take a bow, when you trip in front of a big group of people.
47. Most things you learn in math class, you will never use again.
48. You cannot balance your check book in your head.
49. Guests and fish can stink after 3 days.
50. Passion is everything.


  1. those are some great things that your mom has taught you. most of them i have taught my own children. thanks for sharing this and have a wonderful day!

  2. Your mother is a very smart woman and she has raised a very special daughter. I have taught some of these same things to my children as well. I love, love, love the photo of you two!! :)

  3. I love #40...I have been saying this to my kids a lot lately.

  4. I have printed them out.I am going to post them on the refrigerator.Thanks and what a wonderful picture.


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