Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This, That, & Alex Trebek

Summer has finally come to an end. Can I get an AMEN? I'm tired of hot days with no AC, and I'm ready to get back to work. As much as whole days filled with nothing to do sounds appealing, I get bored pretty quickly. And for me, boredom is a gateway drug to depression. If you don't know, I work with a company that works with the No Child Left Behind program. I test children to find their weaknesses, and then develop materials and lesson plans for them. I really love what I do. Except that I sometimes get overly attached to the children, which makes it hard to step out of their life a few months later.

Most of the parents of the children I work with do not speak English. This can make it a little awkward, when I'm sitting in their homes & working with their kids. I wish I had taken Spanish in college. I thought it would be "cool" and unique to take French, because everyone takes Spanish. Plus, I couldn't roll an R if you put a gun to my head. Pathetically, the only thing I remember from that class is how to pronounce DVD in French (day-vay day). Now I'm sure someone who speaks fluent French is going to pop up and tell me that is wrong. So go on, try to tell me how you really pronoucne DVD, and you will just confirm that I wasted two years of my life that I CAN NEVER GET BACK. lol.

In other news, last weekend Adam and I went to a taping of Jeopardy! We love us some jeopardy, I've even wrote about the show on here before. We are a very competitive household, and we scream out the answers and keep score. Don't let the haters fool you, winning is everything. We are both equally good, but he claims that I always lose because I don't phrase my answers as questions.Pfft, that is foolishness I tell you. FOOLISHNESS. Not only did we get tickets to Jeopardy, but we found out that it was Celebrity Jeopardy. When we got there, we saw Christopher Meloni from Law & Order SVU, Joshua Molina from The West Wing & In Plain Sight, and Harry Shearer from The Simpson's. I immediately thought of Miss. Heather because I know what a big SVU fan she is. All I can say is they were all really funny and charming guys.

Of course, the most exciting thing was getting to see Alex Trebek! In between breaks, he talked to the audience and Adam got to ask him a question. I believe this is the single most amazing thing that has ever happened to Adam (forget our marriage!). He kept saying, "I talked to Alex Trebek! I talked to Alex Trebek!" When I was on the phone with someone, he would say,"Did you tell them I talked to Alex Trebek?" "Tell the people on facebook, that I talked to Alex Trebek." It was seriously cute and kind of annoying. So by the way, did you hear Adam talked to Alex Trebek?
365 days ago (give or take):
This all reminded me of a joke by Mo'nique from her Queens of Comedy tour. Mo’nique jokes about a time that she entered a club and some catty girl remarked, "I bet she’s going straight to the buffet." And Mo'nique commented, “It was true, but that bitch didn't have to say that shit!"
HAHA, that is my favorite joke. I talk about my work orientation, how awesomely serendipitous is that!


  1. Sooooo, I hear Adam talked with Alex Trebek ~ is that true? :) That is funny.....but I guess we all do it when something like that happens.

    I can't imagine going through a summer without A/C! I'm hoping it cools down soon for you.


    I'm glad you didn't get to touch him first, though ;)

    And hey, did Adam talk to Alex Trebek?

  3. How fun! Adam cracks me up. And I love Jeopardy too.


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