Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hello, Hello San Francisco

So I've been going and going these last few weeks, and have barely had a moment to relax. Before we even had all the boxes unpacked, my in-laws flew in for a visit. Let me just say, I love the groans and the faces people made when I told them my in-laws were coming to visit. I know in-laws have a rep for being awful, but I got really lucky. So for a week and a half, our house was filled with the lovely twangs of the Midwestern accent, dontcha know. My only issue with having visitors is that I try so hard to play the perfect wife & host, which I’m so not. For example, even though I hardly cuss in my daily life, I swear I must have dropped the f-bomb at least ten times (thanks to my nerves).

We did a few fun things like attending a live taping of The Big Bang Theory (that was a blast)! We also spent a day in San Francisco. San Fran was amazing and so pretty, and I just wished we could have stayed longer. We plan to go back. I will not talk about everything we did, but the night tour of Alcatraz was definitely the best. I picked out ten of my favorite pictures to share and the rest are on my flickr.

365 days ago (give or take):
It was never broken into at school or any of those times I parked it in bad neighborhoods, but apparently the MECHANIC 's is a DANGEROUS place to leave your car.
I still can't believe they jacked my XM radio.


  1. Love your photos....I'm going to check out Flickr when I get the opportunity. I really like the last photo ~ ghostly and beautiful.

  2. great pictures, i've never been to san fran.

  3. I'm glad you had fun in the city. It's a great place isn't it? It's great that you get along with your in-laws. If Match's parents ever become my in-laws I can say the same thing. I love those guys!


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