Friday, June 5, 2009

My Man's Man Crush

I think my husband would have an affair with Conan O'Brian, I'm not even kidding. (Now I couldn't have an affair with him, because I would be worried that I would get lost in all that hair). Adam has been so excited about him taking over The Tonight Show. It is all I have heard about for weeks. He actually said that Conan taking over the Tonight Show was just like seeing a friend that he had grown up with get married. That KILLED me. Now I like Conan, but I've always been a Jay Leno girl myself (especially after I saw his stand-up in Las Vegas). But my grandmother hates Conan with a passion; she can never remember his name, so she just tells me to change the channel before the crazy dancing man comes on.

The night the show premiered Adam stayed up one full hour past his bedtime just to watch it. This is a big deal, because Adam is not that much different than an old man. And the last few days he has called me consistently from work to say things like,” Did you know Conan taped his cold open "running across America" skit in one week?” How awesome was that short Hello from Hilary Clinton!” I wish we had been on that studio tour with him!" Conan! Conan! Conan! It is all making my head spin. It was bad enough that I considered tossing out my precious, beloved DVR. But then I couldn't watch I'm a Celebrity...Get Me out of Here! Which by the way, I've decided that Heidi's obsession with hairspray has single handily caused global warming.

The other night Conan did a bit about social media sites. He said that in the year 3000 youtube, twitter, and facebook would combine together to make the biggest time wasting site ever and it would be called "You Twit Face." Of course Adam thought that was like the GREATEST THING EVER! This GREATEST THING EVER is his new catch phrase to refer to people who are idiotic. He is always calling me a twit face now-Lord help me. I would never ever call anyone a twit face, because I'm nice & just a ray of sunshine up everybody's ass.

Adam emailed me this picture where someone had taken scenes from levels of Super Mario Brothers and aligned them with Conan's set. It's amazingly accurate. For the record I don't think the guy who created this could have spent his free time in a more productive way. His creation has filled a void that needed to be satisfied in this world. It is pretty cool.

365 days ago (give or take):
Because while I love high heel shoes, and have had some pairs that I would have married if it were legal, I'm about as graceful as the jolly green giant. Face planting it a few times at church is not so bad, but face planting it at a Job fair might make the employer feel you are not worth the insurance risk.
That job fair was so nerve wrecking on me.


  1. This post cracked me up. Conan is hilarious.. I love how he looks like the woman from Ireland.
    Sorry about the job fair..

  2. Hello my good fren! As an appreciation for being my faithful fren, I got an Award for you!!! Hope you like it!!! Cheers! Love-ya!!!

  3. Oh gosh..Conan gets on my nervs too. Lols..Sounds like Conan is quite a competition for ya. lols.. hehehehe...It's just like me and my boyfriend. He always goes on and on about Nadal (one of the greatest tennis champs ever).Ugh, I hate it. grrr... =)

  4. You twit face... That's funny!

  5. I like your man's man crush, a lot. Conan is the shit. I've been thinkin bout ya ;)

  6. I love how Adam has a man crush. Match does too, but on DC's boyfriend, haha. At least Adam has high goals! ;-) I tagged you on my blog btw.


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