Friday, May 22, 2009

Wedding Miscellany

My oh so cute mother finally mailed me the pictures from the disposable cameras that I had sitting on the tables at my wedding. Remember those days when all we had were film and disposable cameras and you had no idea whether or not the picture would turn out? Then you were forced to go out to develop the film only to discover that your finger was blocking the picture you took of your drunken great Aunt Ida wearing a lampshade on her head? That is a moment you will never get back. The horrors! Thank Bob for digital photography. This is all to say that about half of the pictures turned out pretty good. Here is just a small sampling.

This is the flower girl and my cousin Chloe. She was so cute; she told me that she was worried that people might think she was the bride.

A wedding isn't a wedding without a little bunny ears.

This one kills me. This is my college roommate Jana, and her boyfriend Austin. Jana boobs are um, humongous, and I always tease her because I'm a card carrying member of the itty bitty titty club. She promises to leave me her boobs when she dies. I also grabbed her boobs like he is doing in the elevator, Adam's eyes got so wide!

I just threw this one in so you could see a little bit of the grounds.

Our venue had no liquor license so we could only serve some champagne for the toast . This was smuggled in...Why wasn't I told? I COULD HAVE USED IT!

I am simultaneously disgusted and amused by this picture of my friends Monique and Clark.

This is just a sweet shot of the procession. The bald guy is my annoying, lovable big brother BJ.

The receiving line. Jenny says she was making this face because her feet were hurting. But I think it looks like she is thinking, "Are we done yet? Are done yet?" or "Can we eat yet? Can we eat yet?"

Me with the food I wouldn't really eat. If you look behind me you will also see Adam with the food he wouldn't really eat either. Isn't my expression classic?

Jana really wanted to catch the bouquet, because Austin is a tad bit commitment phobic. She pretty much stole that bouquet from poor little Chloe. After that Austin was walking around saying, "The Bouquet means nothing!" Also he ran away when we tossed the garter.

See the guy in white dashing away? Yeap that's Austin.

365 days ago (give or take):
I don't really think there are words to describe the Grand Canyon. The beauty and the sense of awe at the things nature can do. On the other hand, I got the giggles when I was there because I thought about that commercial with the older women at the Grand Canyon on their hover rounds. Aren't they afraid they will roll off?
This post was all about my the Southwestern road trip I took after graduation.


  1. awwww...congratulations on your beautiful wedding! cheers to years of happiness to the both of you!

  2. I love those photos!! I always wondered how those shots turned out that we take at all those weddings. Now I know. And I'm going to be staging a whole lot more. Hee !Hee!

  3. What great pictures, Brittany!! Gotta love the candid shots!! I love how your flower girl was worried people might think she was the bride!! LOL, Too cute!!

  4. i love these! it's these shots that i can't wait to see at our wedding!

    it looks like you guys had a great time (and the grounds were BEAUTIFUL!)

  5. Those photos are great! I love the one of your college roommate and her boyfriend, LOL!!


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