Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lost in Translation

I came across this gem of a conversation while going through my old journal entries. Things to note before reading: Monique spent most of her life in South Africa & Germany. She speaks English fairly well, but doesn't always quite grasp everything. And I had just overheard a conversation of frat like boys talking.

Me: I can't believe they were making Helen Killer jokes.
Monique: Yeah, but isn't she just some stupid old lady?
Me: Oh no, she was a famous woman who was both deaf and blind.
Monique: OMG! That sounds like a horror movie!
Me: Wait...What?
Monique: A little child with no ears or eyes, how terrible!
Me: Cracking up, No Mo I meant she couldn't see or hear.
Monique: Really? I can't believe they were making jokes about her.

I love how that conversation came full circle, and I love that girl.

(Moe got tired of just decorating our gingerbread house that night...so she decorated me instead. I love this pic, even though if its not a great one of me).

Song of The Day: Friends Don't Let Friends Drunk Dial by Plain White T's.


  1. Haha I have strange conversations with my friends too when we don't quite "get" each other for a minute. Looks like you two were having fun...now I'm in the mood to do a gingerbread house though.

  2. I was confused at first. I thought she was shaving you!

  3. That is a GREAT picture.. and a very funny conversation..hahaha


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