Friday, December 19, 2008

Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Wednesday was just one of those days that was the definition of Murphy's Law. It all started because of the rain. Now don't get me wrong, I love the rain. I have missed the rain since I moved here, so when it first started raining I wanted to take off all my clothes & run naked around the block But alas I think my neighbors have already been traumatized enough by me blasting Circus by Britney Spears non-stop (Shut up, I can't help that I love that song). So I didn't do that (my reputation thanked me for it) and then I realized I still had to take the dog out for a walk.

Do you think Sarah picked the the closet patch of grass to do her business? Of Course Not! She picked the one three blocks up. I had an umbrella but the wind broke it.. So by the time we got back to the house I'm soaked, and the heat is broken so I'm freezing. And that oh so appetizing wet dog smell is radiating from every room in our cottage. But eventually I got warm, dressed, and ready for work.

I was going to do an end test for a family that I had never met before, and I wasn't familiar with the neighborhood. And I was given the wrong address, right street, but wrong number. And did I mention it was raining and that I had no umbrella. Oh I did? Sorry. So I went to the address and the people looked at me like I had grown two heads, and told me they had never heard of me. Bummer. So I called the woman I was supposed to be meeting, and she barely speaks English, and bellows 321B!

The 321 apartments weren't really labeled, so I went to every apartment in that building, and guess who doesn't live in any of them. My student. None of them spoke English, but were all unfailingly kind, but eventually they were giving me that same look Sarah does when I'm talking to her. The one that seems to says, "Hasn't the blonde figured out I don't speak English yet?" I don't know what that lady was thinking. I felt, looked, & smelled like a drowned moose. Eventually I heard a lady yelling, "BRITT-TANI, BRITT-TANI!" I thought why is that crazy lady yelling Britt-tani? Then I realized that is my name if you say it phonetically. She lived at 435B.....Umm how is that anything like 321B? Did she have amnesia? Was she getting kicks out of my drowned moose look? Did she fall down the stairs? All kidding aside, they were a very nice family.

I finished the test and headed to Target to get the ingredients I needed to whip up Adam a spaghetti dinner. The next day I was dropping him off at the airport, he was going home for the holidays (I'm joining him on Christmas Eve). So I just wanted to send him off with a good dinner. But with the rain, and the flooded roads it took me a full hour to get to Target. Tres Annoying. When I stepped out of the car, I plummited into at least a foot of water. There is nothing I hate more than wet shoes and socks. Then those wet shoes & socks, made me fall in Target just like a ungraceful hippo. Pride Smarting...much?

Then I realized that Targets out here don't do groceries. Great just great. So I decided I'd get what I could, and then just pull some cash out and stop at the grocery store by the house. I also grabbed some candy to make me feel better. It would take another paragraph to explain why I had only one check with me, but that is all I had. So I first asked the cashier if I could write a check over the amount I paid, and she said sure. Turns out you couldn't, and then I had no choice but to surrender my purchases, though I think I only really cared about leaving my precious orange slices behind.

I waded back to the car, and had to take Sarah out for the second time. Where we must have walked a half mile, STILL in the rain. Adam came home and I just started boohooing, and I'm not the boohooing type. But I boohooed so much that there was no teenage girl in America that could be boohooing at that moment, because i sucked up all the tears. Then he went to the store and bought the dinner for me, and I was fine..

But come on doesn't this story make you feel bad for me? No? Not a little bit? OK, so it wasn't that bad. But in the moment, it felt like it.

Song of The Day: Short Skirt, Long Jacket by Cake.


  1. I feel bad for you. I also giggled uncontrollably - and darn near woke up the kids... But hey, I do feel bad for you.

    Perhaps your tomorrow will be better.

  2. So I see Murphy has been stalking you as well? Seems to like to hang out at my house a lot...Too much! ;) Sorry you had to go through all that...but thanks so much for the laugh! ;)

  3. LOL I'm sorry about your bad day ... some days seem to go on forever don't they? I hope your weekend is going better. =)


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