Monday, December 8, 2008

All the Cool Kids are Doing it

So I can't afford to decorate my house this year. If you had seen the pity party I threw over that yesterday, you would have channeled the mouse playing the world's tiniest violin. Expect even that violin would be playing an even tinier violin, it was THAT BAD. But I'm better now, and I decided to decorate my blog instead.

So what does this girl want for Christmas? Some shoes, a Dora the Explorer back pack, your right foot (you can keep the left one), a gift certificate to the cheesecake factory, and some winning lotto numbers. Merry Christmas Y'all.


  1. Just remember less is more anyway. and most decorations are tacky, tacky, tacky...

  2. i love the new look.
    i feel you on the decorations.

    i cried when i found out my best friends had won me a tree-- otherwise we wouldn't have had one. we do have some garland on the banister and some lights and stuff. but it was bought with our last $20 last week.

    it's tight this year-- between paying for school, the wedding, and just day to day stuff, we knew we wouldn't have much.

    so i can relate, babe.

  3. @Lilly-I agreed my mom can be the queen of tacky decourations. Probably why it is hard to do without them.

    @Heather-I'm so happy you have a tree, but its also nice to know you can relate. :)

  4. I'll just get the winning lottery numbers :) nice deco:)I haven't even decorated my blogs. i used to but I get tired doing


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