Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thoughts & Prayers

Devastating fires are raging here in Southern California. We live 30 miles away from the fires, tucked away safe in the harbor. But yet we are still noticing the effects. This is not a picture of a sunset, it was taken in the middle of the afternoon. Ash has periodically fallen from the sky, and the air is very thick. I can't possibly imagine what the residents of those areas are experiencing, and my prayers are with them.


  1. many prayers are going out to you all in CA.

  2. Consider it done. I have been in southern CA. many times when the fires were burning and it is very scary!!

    This is Jackie aka Shinade at

    I remembered again!!:-)))

  3. It is so scary to watch this happen to that area..prayers to you all..

  4. Oh dear! That's a disaster...
    I hope no major damage is done..
    Does this thing happen all the time?


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