Monday, November 24, 2008

Living Together

So earlier this month marked the six month anniversary of when I moved in with Adam. And when I made this choice people told me it would be a wild ride, and I would learn a ton about myself in the process. That was all too true, like I learned what morals and ideas I will not compromise on. Like no matter what the price I can not use CHEAP toliet paper. Cheap toliet paper is like superman, rough, tough, and doesn't take crap off anyone.

People said it would be hard, and being jobless that was hard. But living with Adam has been deceivingly easy. Except for the time I really wanted a dog, and he looked at me like I had grown two heads. I cried a lot, and he gave in because in my tears there is power. Power to bend his will to my wants. No I'm kidding really, I'm only use this power for good and not evil (mostly). He agreed to get Sarah on the condition that she was fully my responsibility. Even though this made me feel like I was 5, I agreed because I was getting my dog. Soon he fell in love with Sarah, and now he helps me out 50/50. Last night I fed her before he took her out for her evening walk instead of after like usual, and he looked at me with those doe eyes and said, "But now she'll poop twice." And for just a split second I saw what it will be like to have kids with this man.

I'm taking an early flight, by myself, to Texas in the morning to be with my family for Thanksgiving. Where I will eat pie, and more pie. Because this holiday was engineered so Americans had a reason to eat pie. Because the pilgrims knew we would one day need a reason to eat pie, and maybe watch some football. In the past few weeks, Adam has been going on about how he will be like a bachelor again. He will do nothing but play video games all day, not shave, and scratch himself. Ok he didn't say he would scratch himself, but I think that is what all guys do when the girls are gone. But then yesterday he changed his tune. He said I'm really going to miss you being here. And that meant a lot to me. Because I realize now it not so complicated living together, the real problem would be not living together. And now after that cheese ball statement, I want to wish everyone happy holidays. And don't forget to eat lots of pie!

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  1. Aww, why doesn't Adam get to come home for Thanksgiving? But that's great you get a chance to go see your family.
    I know what you mean about living together-with the right person it just works. I couldn't imagine not living with Match. He's the best roommie I've ever had! So glad the big move has worked out for you :-)


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