Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where is Mr. Clean When You Need Him?

Cleaning, Cleaning, and more cleaning is really all I've been doing these past few days. I’ve been scrubbing the fridge, and trying to mop around a 97 lb golden retriever who absolutely refuses to budge, not even an inch. Even when I beg, and I’m the queen of begging. By the way, how much hair can one dog shed until they lose it all? Because by all calculations my dog should be joining the hair club for women any day now.

I've been doing all this cleaning because my mother & grandmother blow into town on Friday, just as Adam is blowing out of it. He is going home to Wisconsin to hang out with his dad. They plan to fish, drink beer, watch football, and scratch themselves. While my family and I plan to go out to eat, giggle a lot, and visit Hollywood & San Diego. Good food will be a treat, since lately all we've been able to afford is TV dinners and hot dogs. I believe I've eaten enough hot dogs in the last few months that if I laid them down end to end I could reach China.

I have infinite love for my family. They are strong, amazing, flawed people who are really fun after a class of wine & a little Jack Daniels. I really want them to love our little house, and only now am I worried about its flaws. Even though I know they won't judge, and it is only our starter home. But their opinion really means a lot to me. But I know this trip will be fantastic. I have missed my family and friends more than I ever thought possible. Plus it will be interesting to see what messes three generations of southern women can get into when they are released in Southern California.


  1. I hear ya on the dog hair! Have fun with family this weekend :)

  2. Have a good time on Friday. I'm sure the visit will be great. They are coming to see you, more than the place you live in. Not that they won't notice everything, but what they really want to see is you and know you are ok and happy there.

  3. I hear you on the cleaning before the family arrive thing. when my family come in from the Uk I feel as though I live inside a bottle of Pine Sol in the run-up to Arrival Day!
    Have a good visit.


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