Sunday, September 7, 2008

Incidentally Everybody Poops...

On the first day that Adam and I moved into our new place, I noticed something quite peculiar. When I went to the bathroom for the first time, I discovered our toilet was lopsided. (Note to everyone looking for a new place-test out the toilet!) I have never been the most coordinated person, so I worried that I might tumble off & hit my head on the sink. Then, of course, my obituary would read, "Girl Dies in Freak Toilet Accident,” and that just isn't how I want to go.

Three months to the day that we moved in, I suddenly realized that I could no longer sense the lopsidedness. Also, Adam can't either. If this isn't evidence of mind over matter, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS!


  1. I certainly wouldn't want to go that way either! How embarrassing -- we'd be half naked when help arrived!

  2. @Kristie-I hope Adam would at least drap something over me, but I don't know.


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