Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee, a big & beautiful Mademoiselle, enjoys sleeping 21 hours of the day, chasing cars, playing coy with the next door neighbors, taking out entire civilizations with her massive tail, and receiving tons of love from her Aunt Brittany & Uncle Adam. Dislikes include thunder, fireworks, and drinking water from anything but her designated bowl. Will be a loyal companion to anyone who will occasionally slip her some McDonald’s French fries.


  1. Hey,
    We have a big red fuzzy fluff muffin too. Her name is Foxy Cleopatra, and she's a whole lotta doggie. She currently shares her space with Emma Lou the Bassett Hound, and Sarah the Beagle mix.

  2. My big baby is a rottie, he's so cute when he sleeps, til he dreams he's a wolf and starts howling outloud. have you ever heard a Rottweiler howl? It's sort of like a strangling cat mixed with something else really horrid. At about 2 in the morning, it's horrifying lol. UGH

  3. what a sweetie, I love that!

    we have a little chihuahua/rat terrier, he's a sweetie. I wish we could have a big ole dog but I couldn't handle one more big thing to take care of!!

  4. thanks for stopping by today, I meant to tell you, I didn't get around to putting the award in my sidebar yet. I need to, it's just been so hectic at the beauty blog.


  5. 21 hours of sleep? Wow.. Sara must be very tired!


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