Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Heart of a Traitor

When I was first approached with the possibility of adopting my brother's dog, Adam wasn't too happy with the idea. I'm a huge dog fanatic, so I had no doubts. But Adam had valid points, we had just moved in and he just thought things were moving too fast. Plus our house is small and she weighs over 100lbs. But I said, “Look we eventually want to get a dog anyway, and that takes weeks of potty training, long nights, and tons of chewing. This dog is trained, well-behaved, and will be minimal work,” and then I made a pouty face and he gave in because he can not resist my wily ways.

Saturday we drove six hours to Phoenix to make the trade off with my brother, only to turn around and drive straight back. As soon as we walked into his hotel room, Sarah immediately flocked to Adam. She dug her snout into his legs, and batted her “Please Pet Me” brown eyes, and Adam fell in love with her. Just as I knew he would.

The love Sarah has for Adam is just a bit like hero worship. Sarah follows him around the house (in the few moments when she is not sleeping), and goes straight to HIM when I call her. Seemingly she has chosen him as her favorite. I tell her all the time that she is being a traitor, that he didn't really want her in the beginning, and that he called her FAT. FAT! Sarah do you know what that means? That means he thinks your butt is wide enough to support an entire civilization! But those hard, cold facts do not seem to dissuade her. I even have photographic proof!

I'm just joking around; he is not really her favorite. Sarah doesn’t see him as much as she sees me, so she is just excited when he is home. She gives me lots of love, and allows me to pretend I'm talking to her when I'm really just talking to myself. Amazingly, she doesn't give me any funny looks when I'm having a very heated debate with myself over which of the two Coreys were cuter (a debate that will never end).

So in the mornings when Adam's alarm goes off and Sarah comes trekking into the bedroom and gets excited to see him up and about, and repeatedly thumps, thumps, thumps, me in the face with her tail, I refuse to see that as anything other than love taps.


  1. Don't feel bad - my Abby does the same thing with us. I was the one who pushed to get her, but she goes all crazy over my husband too. I know it's because she's around me more during the day, and I am the one who delivers the haircuts, baths, and all the unpleasantries to her life - he just shows up and gives her love and attention, so of course she wants to sit by him whenever he's around. Good thing we also have Rosie, who is like a second skin to me. It balances everything out.

  2. She is a beauty! I'm glad she's brought such companionship and happiness to your family.

  3. This is just the sweetest post.. and that picture is too adorable.

  4. I got such a kick out of the picture. I saw that you moved from the South to Southern California. We are thinking about making the same move eventually. How does it compare?

  5. I love this story and pictures. I had to give my dog, temporarily, to a family who lives 9 hours away and she's coming home this weekend. Thank you for taking her in.

  6. Sarah is sooo cute! I wish I also have a dog like her :)

  7. oh nice reading this post.such a nice post to read.i love dogs and we have one cute little puppy that goes crazy when her dad come home from work.she's crazy over me too haha. dropped an EC here.

  8. LOL Aww she's so adorable! I'm hoping to adopt a kitty soon, and hopefully she'll favor me over my cat loving husband. :)

    BTW I noticed your photoblog has been removed (?)

  9. Golden Retrievers are the absolute best!!!! We just lost our 12 1/2 yr old to cancer. It broke my heart, but I found a puppy that saved me!! I have pictures of my GR puppy on my other website if you want to take a peek. www.anniessavvycafe.com

    They just make life better.

  10. oohhhhhhh Sarah's GORGEOUS! We've got a male goldie, how about we introduce the two of them?



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