Sunday, June 1, 2008

Woman Found Living in Closet

I was browsing the news earlier, like I do everyday, just so I can pass for an intellectual. When I came across this interesting story, this must be one of the oddest news stories I’ve read in awhile.

When a man began to notice that his food was disappearing, he installed cameras inside his home. That is when he caught a woman on tape, walking around his house. The police were called and they found her in the closet. Basically the woman was living on the top shelf of the man’s closet for at least a year.

Either this woman was really good, or this man was really unobservant. I mean how does someone live in someone’s closet for a year and not be noticed? Did he never glance up at the top shelf in his closet? I might go a week without truly looking at the top of my closet. But eventually I’m going to have to turn on a light, grab a pair of shoes, or rifle through all the junk I’ve collected.

It kind of makes me giggle that the only reason he discovered someone was living in his closet at all, was because his food was beginning to disappear. That is such a fat kid move. “I didn’t notice the campsite set up in my closet, but the last piece of pizza vanished, so something fishy must be going on.” But I have to admit if someone was stealing my last piece of pizza, I’d be pretty peeved to.

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  1. That has to be the silliest story I have heard in a LONG time.


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