Thursday, May 29, 2008

SuperGoddess's Playlist Volume 2: Blowing Up the Ipod

About a month ago I put together a play list of my all-time favorite break-up songs. For June's play list I decided I would just put together the top 15 most played songs on my Ipod. Risking any embarrassment that may come. Just kidding. I think my music is cool, so you should too!

I snagged the song Hey Julie by Fountains of Wayne when I first heard it played on Scrubs. It was on an episode with Mandy Moore playing JD’s klutzy, klutzy girlfriend. The lyrics and the melody are just too fun to resist. A play list of mine would not be complete without a little Billy Joel. Because what is life without a little Billy Joel? That’s right there is no life, and Piano Man just happens to be my favorite Billy Joel song.

Tristan Prettyman is an amazing folk singer, and her songs like Hello make you feel like you are peeking into her diary. Feathers by Coheed & Cambria is so catchy, and I just love when they belt out the lyric, “You’ve Been Such a Liar…”

Colbie Calliat has very quickly become one of my favorite artists. And yes her song Oxygen is sticky sweet like most of her other songs. But in a way that makes you smile. Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson is actually my cell phone ring tone for Adam. Seriously this song is so relaxing that if I were to lay down and put it on repeat; I would be out like a light. Plus I love the food banana pancakes so it's the best of both worlds. IHOP anyone?

I saw both Jason Aldean and Josh Kelley in concert. They are both just as talented in person as they are on the radio. And that is rare. I love Amarillo Sky for its simplicity. Plus I idealize the farm life. And in regards to Josh Kelley's Amazing, what girl doesn't like to be told she is amazing? But believe me it is not just a typical love song.

It’s safe to say Hallelujah may just be my favorite song ever. I’ve loved every version I’ve ever heard. And I really don’t prefer one version to another. But Kate Voegele recently released this version. And it’s interesting to hear it from a female, gives it a new perspective. When You Were Young by The Killers is not only the one song I can ROCK on guitar hero, its rifts are magnificent. And the lyrics are pretty killer too (oh yes I went there, can you say cheese ball?)

Miranda Lambert and The Wreckers are the most kick ass artists in contemporary country. There are a million reasons to love Gunpowder & Lead, the beat, her voice, and the story. But most importantly it has the lyrics, “I’m going to show him what little girls are made of…Gunpowder & Lead.” Michelle Branch, of The Wreckers, is more talented in her country career than I ever thought she was as a pop artist. But she was always a good singer. The Good Kind is one of The Wreckers most beautiful songs vocally.

Yes, I'm one the masses who fell head over heels in love with the movie Juno. And in the beginning I thought the music was odd, but grew to love it. Anyone Else But You by The Moldy Peaches is one of the best songs from the movie. Even if their name sorta grosses me out. But I'm just not very hardcore.
I love show tunes and For Good is my favorite song song from the musical Wicked. It can stand alone out of context as well. I heard Music is my Hot Hot Sex by Cansei De Ser Sexy on an Ipod commercial and went and bought it. And it really has nothing to do with sex I promise. I just like it because it's fun to dance to.

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