Thursday, May 29, 2008

Does Anyone Else Love Those Serta Sheep?

The lovely woman who is responsible for bringing me into this word, the woman who has more sass, class, and love than anyone I’ve ever met, has done a really wonderful thing. As a housewarming gift, my mother told me she would buy Adam and me a bed.

I’ve never shopped for a bed, and I’ve never really had a nice bed. Adam and I are sleeping apart right now, because his bed is too small. Growing up, I only had a twin mattress on my bedroom floor. And in college I had a lovely mattress made of plastic. I don’t know what it is about us college kids that make people think we have problems with bed-wetting, but obviously the beds were made to be potty proof.

So Saturday we walked into the Sit n’ Sleep, and there were mattresses and pillows everywhere. The child in me envisioned having a big sleepover in that store, and having lots of pillow fights. Doesn’t that sound like every teenage boy’s fantasy?

The lady we met told us that to find our comfort level we needed to try out three different types of beds. The first bed we tried was too firm, the second was too soft, and the middle one was just right. Wow! That was totally unintentional, but I just realize that sounded an awful lot like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. By the way, that story always made me wonder about Goldilocks’s parents, and why didn’t she have any manners?

After picking our comfort level, we were instructed to try every medium bed in the store. It felt odd lying in bed in front of so many people. We must have tried out 100 different beds before we chose. By the end on the day, Adam had patented a move where he would just tuck and roll from mattress to mattress, his feet never touching the ground. And I imagine this move was a lot like something Chuck Norris Macgyver would do while mattress shopping. The sales lady kept saying we were the cutest couple ever. I’m not sure why, but I’ll take the compliment.

So after much bed hoping (ha!), we decided on an aireloom, pillow-top, motion stabilized, queen mattress. That bed is everything I imagine heaven to be. I want to live, sleep, and plot world domination in that bed. And now that we can finally sleep next to each other, we can now commence doing dirty things in bed. Things like hogging pillows, making funny faces, and eating Oreo cookies.


  1. Oh my yes!! My dream mattress is a Serta. But so far we can"t afford it.

    I found it one day at a lovely store and fell in love. But it costs $1900 bucks.

    Alas still dreaming on my plain old regular mattress.

    But dreams do come true, right?

  2. I think I ended up with a Serta bed. We looked at so many I lost track of what we ended up with. It has that pillow top thing which I would not get again. Makes the firm mattress too soft.

  3. My parents bought us a new bed a couple years ago. I love it. Congrats on the new bed!


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