Monday, June 2, 2008

Eighteen of Life's Little Mysteries

1. Why those kids just can't give the rabbit some friggin Trix's cereal already. Haters.

2. The power that cheesecake fantasy ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery has over me.

3. The reason 7 strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped so they can exploit themselves on MTV, can't just get along.

4. My unhealthy obsession with all things Hannah Montana.

5. The reason Ricky just can't let Lucy be in the show.

6. The magic that is Conan O'Brian's hair. It just defies logic and physics.

7. The answer to who killed Mr. Body in the game of Clue.

8. The real lyrics to the song, Informer by Canadian Snow White Rapper.

9. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a blow pop.

10. My fear of napkins.

11. How the show Price is Right goes on without Bob Barker. Who else will remind us to always spray and neuter our pets?

12. Why the word flesh makes me giggle.

13. Why the whole world is waiting for me to turn into Bridezilla.

14. Why Cosmo keeps cranking out new articles on how to please your man, haven't they figured it out already?

15. Why the world cannot live on fake nacho cheese alone.

16. Why Adam can't include the promise,"To Always Put the Seat Down," in our wedding vows.

17. The reason Wild E. Coyote is still buying products from ACME.

18. Why the Rolling Stones, Vanilla Ice, and Britney Spears just can't get no satisfaction.


  1. I can't understand how the Real World is still on TV when it is so FAKE. lol

    This was a fun list.

  2. Fun List...but, please can you explain your fear of napkins?



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