Friday, May 16, 2008

Ten Things About My Southwestern Road Trip

1. Each day started early. We left at 5:30 a.m. the day after my graduation. The day I hadn’t had more than 5 hours of sleep in one night for weeks. I was tired to say the least. The type of tired where you start to find things like farting and peanut better and jelly in one container hilarious.

2. Adam got introduced to the joys of Sonic. Everywhere we went it was, “Can we stop at Sonic?” Sure I love Sonic. I love Sonic a lot, but you know a nice sit down dinner would be lovely also. We had some nice dinners I promise, but we ate at Sonic a lot.
3. We drove 650 miles from Texarkana, Texas to Roswell, New Mexico. We saw more dust, desolate towns, tumble weeds, windmills, and cows than I could count. But more beautiful than I could even begin to say.

4. I don’t know how I feel about aliens but I do know Roswell is a fun place to stay. It has cute restaurants with names like The Cover Up Café. The McDonald’s was shaped like a crashed space ship with an NASA themed play area. And my favorite was the lampposts with their alien faces.

5. On day three we drove through Albuquerque. I love the architecture in this town, so unique. My favorite was the bridges; they had bold colors like blue and orange.

6. Right before we got to our hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona, we started to see signs for Meteor Crater. And decided we had to stop. It was amazing! This is one of the first meteorites that has been discovered to have ever hit the earth. It happened over 50,000 years ago. The power in the meteorite is terrifying and opens a lot of doors to the, “what if" questions. What if that happens again? Often I would accidentally tell my friends/family on the phone that we had seen where a crater had hit the Earth and formed a meteorite. When I would say this within earshot of Adam, he would yell, "It was a meteorite that caused the crater, honey!" And when I say wherever he was I mean it, in the car next to me or even in the bathroom. Giving new meaning to the term toilet talk.

7. We spent our last night in Flagstaff, Arizona. I had no idea that this would be up in the Mountains (7,000 feet). Or that there would be snow on the ground. I'm an Alabama girl and I haven't seen snow in years. This was uber exciting. Even though I didn’t have a coat, the fear of frostbite never stopped me before.

8. The next morning was the day I had been waiting for. We took the one road that exists up to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. I don't really think there are words to describe the Grand Canyon. The beauty and the sense of awe at the things nature can do. On the other hand, I got the giggles when I was there because I thought about that commercial with the older women at the Grand Canyon on their hover rounds. Aren't they afraid they will roll off? Laughter and untold beauty, what else could you ask for?

9. Rolling down I-40 on our last leg of the trip, we got a flat tire in Nowhere, Arizona. We had a spare but I couldn’t find the jack. Thank God for AAA. When we sprung a flat, needless to say this put us in a grumpy mood. But the older gentleman that showed up was comforting and calming. He found out we were engaged, and told us he had been married 30 years. He told us to treat each other well and keep God in the middle. After that we were happy and nothing could change our mood. Not even the fact that we had to buy two tires at $200 a pop. (What a rip-off), or that this delayed our trip by two hours. When we crossed the California line we were all smiles.

10. 2,000 miles, 6 states, and two new tires later, I am officially a California girl. When Adam kisses me goodbye in the morning, I know I made the right choice in moving here. And although I am terrified about finding a job, finding a place, and dealing with Southern California’s high cost of living this super goddess extraordinaire will find her way.
For all my photos from the trip, check out my Flickr.

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