Tuesday, May 20, 2008

After Watching an Episode of The Tudors...

Me: Which would be worse? Being burned to death or having to endure a beheading that took a few times? I'm thinking being beheaded would be less painful.
Adam: I'd pick being burnt alive.
Me: Really? I was thinking even if the sword didn't cut completely through the neck on the first try, it might still knock you out and then you would feel no pain.
Adam: But knowing it's coming is the worst part
Me: But being burned alive you would feel your skin fry.
Adam: Hopefully the fumes would overtake me before I crisped.
Me: That's true. This is a morbid conversation.
Adam: You started it.

1 comment:

  1. Very funny..LOLZ!! Whatever in the world brought that question up?

    Love your sense of humor.....I hope I never have to choose. But if I do I will take beheading....eeeekkkkkkk....don't even like to think of it!!

    I grabbed your button and linked you!!

    Hope you had a great day!!:-)


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