Thursday, April 17, 2008

Puppy Love

Kayla, my youngest niece, has always been quite precocious and so very different than her sister, Cassie. She is 11, going on 21. She is such a spit fire, knows how to tell a story, can work a room, and has my brother’s quick temper. Kayla is the opposite of Cassie in every way. Cassie loves school and has to be forced to stay home when sick. Kayla wouldn't care if she ever stepped foot in a classroom again. Kayla is completely boy crazy. So much like my brother who was getting love letters in the third grade.

When most girls were pushing the boys down and making them cry, she was pinning their posters on her walls. She got her first kiss at five on the school bus. After she kissed him, she promptly punched him in the gut, and told him it would hurt worse if he ever told anybody. This is how a smart girl saves their reputation dontcha know? Over the years she’s talked of many boys. There has been Mason, Duncan, Brian, and Ben. But none of these have even come close to her new love, Sterling. Sterling is a gangly thing, no bigger than a minute. I don’t see why she “loves” him so much. But they have officially been dating (if you can call it that) a few months shorter than Adam and I. She calls herself Mrs. Sterling Combs, and loves to sort through Wedding Magazines with me. Everyone in her class says they are going to get married. Oh my. I can just see those cogs turning in her head. I often tease that we are going to have a joint wedding and he better be prepared to support her. Kayla just rolls her eyes and says, "He's only thirteen, Aunt Brittany."

One day we were hanging out, watching TV. And out of nowhere she asked me, "Do you ever kiss Adam?" I wasn't really sure how I should answer this. I really didn't want her kissing boys (Sterling is 13), but I wasn't going to lie. I told her yes I did, and broached the subject with her. And she said she had never kissed him, and I was glad.

Having read He’s Just Not That Into You at age 5, she knows how to play the dating game. A lot better than me or most women every where. If she is angry with him, she won't call him for a few days. She really knows how to leave him wanting more.

Kayla is the class flirt and the mischief maker. I must just laugh and smile when I hear of her escapades. I log on to her my space to see an image that’s says, “I prayed for someone like him all my life, and now I have him.” And I can only think to myself what all 11 years??

But this boy-crazy, brown-eyed girl has stolen my heart. As much as her sister and I may never get it back.

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