Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reasons I'm a Terrible Girlfriend, But Still Friggin Adorable

1. Adam calls me terms of endearment like sweetheart, toots, darling, and honey. I prefer calling him such names such as butt face, pizza head, loser, and lameo.

2. I will tell anyone, anytime about that time he farted... Because I'm like a three year old and sometimes farting is just plain funny

. 3. I will drink Adam's last mountain dew after he specifically bought me Dr. Pepper so I would lay off the dew.

4. I will not tell him exactly how I make my spaghetti or homemade pizza. Because if he could make it just like me, what would he need me for?

5. When i accidently threw my debit card away, he was the one who went dumpster diving not me. And I couldn't help but laugh and dry heave as he did an evil kenevil landing head first into the dumpster. Or when he said something liquid was leaking into his shoes.

6. If I wake up at night without my covers instead of picking them up off the floor I simply "steal" his.

7. That every space of his bathroom counter has been annexed by Brittopia- littered with lotions, hair products, make-up, and other odds and ends.

8. His understanding of my totally, unhealthy infatuation with Hannah Montana.

9. Listen as I ramble on and on about the trials and tribulations of the cast mates on the Real World.

10. That I sing too loudly and off key in the car no matter how much he squirms in the driver's seat.

11. That I make him feel guilty over the PHONE for some of his cleaning habits.

12. For eating two packs of his orange tick tacks and hiding the evidence under the couch cushions. How long did I think that would go uncovered? Well I figured I would at least be in another state by then.

13. For gushing over ever news story on like if Adam did not know who wore what to the Oscars the whole world would cease to exist.

14. For always managing to convince Adam that yes we DO need that box of donuts, they have to be creamed fill, covered in chocolate, and yes it is ok to eat them all in one sitting. In fact, its nearly a sin not too.

15. For calling that hat he loves to wear when we are out in the sun a “baby sun hat.”

16. For exploiting the fact that he is ticklish.

17. Making Adam sit through that episode of cold case where they were dancing in the grocery aisles. 18. Because I get us lost about just every place we go. San Diego Lost! L.A. Lost! Gatlinburg Lost! Around the block Lost! On my way to the kitchen Lost =)


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