Monday, April 21, 2008

Of Flirting and Norma

Before Adam and I reconciled our differences and even when we were in the (and I don’t really know what that means, although I’ve been there several times before) “talking” stage, he had a harmless flirtatious with a girl at the drive-thru window at Jack-in-the box named Norma. I never really thought anything about it, and I wouldn’t care if he was still flirting with her. I think flirting is pretty harmless as long as it is not right in front of my face. Sometimes flirting is just automatic, and it just makes you feel confident about yourself.

I can honestly tell you that Adam and I have reported to each other the times we found ourselves flirting. I even still flirt with this guy on campus that I know for a fact to be gay. But he is just so darn cute and sweet that I can’t help myself.Adam stopped going to Jack-in-the-box when he started on a diet. So it had been a few months since he had seen her, when we both pulled up to the window to get breakfast before heading out to San Diego for the 4th of July. When the voice came through the intercom, he started laughing because he knew that would be her. And it was, he introduced me and she mentioned how long it had been since she had seen him. And he nonchalantly replied, “I’ve been pretty busy.” And I kid you not, she looked me up and down and said, “I see that.” And then when she handed me my food she called me Amber. I wanted to channel Britney Spears and yell, “It’s BRITTANY bitch.”

But of course I didn’t, and when we got out of the drive thru, I just died laughing. And he said, she didn’t mean it like that. And I told him I was a girl and she sooooooo meant it like that. And since then Norma has become sort of a running joke between the two of us. Where are the keys? I left them at Norma’s. Did you eat the last piece of cake? No, I gave it to Norma. Are these your underwear on the floor? Of course not, they are Norma’s. Don’t forget to shave! Don’t worry; I’ll do it at Norma’s.But my favorite has to be, where would you be without me? I’d be with Norma….

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  1. "I wanted to channel Britney Spears and yell, “It’s BRITTANY bitch.” " You so should have! haha. :)


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