Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two E-mail Conversations We've Had That Classify Us As Crazy Dog People

We are "those" people.

Conversation 1:
Brittany: It has been so hot today, I have to get out of the house, I'm melting. Let's go out for dinner after your done working. 
Adam: I hate the idea of us out enjoying ourselves, while Sarah is sitting at home alone and hot.
Brittany: Yeah, but she is a dog. I'll leave all the fans going and give her ice water.
Adam: You must protect the BABY!
Brittany: Even though it is so hot, she is still happy, wagging her tail, and smiling. She is SOO BRAVE!
Adam: She is SOO STOIC.

Conversation 2: 
Adam: Do you think we should leave the ant poison in the middle of the floor like that?
Brittany: Yes because that is where all the ants seem to be.
Adam: What if Sarah licks it?*
Brittany: The hole is way too small for her to get any.
Adam: But what if she eats an ant that has just eaten the poison, and there is enough in that one ant to kill her?
Brittany: *blinks, blinks*

*We ultimately moved the poison to be safe, although I think the one killer ant theory is bogus.

P.S.-I'm flying to Atlanta tomorrow for a friend's wedding, so I hope everyone has a kick ass labor day weekend!


  1. yep, dog people! lol! Have a safe flight and have lots of fun!!!

  2. you totally ARE those people. hahahahahah.
    I LOVE IT. (cause we are those people too!)

    enjoy your trip home!

  3. We must protect the baby!! I love it. We're THOSE people too. :-)


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