Monday, July 12, 2010

Come One Come All You Precious Guinea Pigs (Get Your Blog Designed for Free)!

Guys, I really miss my blog and blog friends. I swear since I got home from Alabama I've been running a million miles an hour. Right into brick walls. I am currently in the class designed by Satan just to torture fun, bubbly girls with anxiety disorders. The class has robbed me of my bubblenesss, and just made me a girl with an anxiety disorder that is currently kicked into overdrive. The worst part is that since I'm in college I am technically paying people to torture me like this.

But the class is officially over on Thursday, that is if I pass. Which who knows what’s going to happen, because last Thursday my whole class sat through four hours of constructive criticism. But the criticism felt less constructive and more like, I dunno, having all your self-confidence smashed into a million pieces. Then finding the courage to sew your confidence back together, only to have it run over by a semi truck. But pass or fail, I'm excited to get back to regular blogging and reading through my delicious google reader stash. So I'll be by to visit all you lovelies and your blogs pretty soon.

When my nose isn't in a book or I'm not crying into my cereal about the injustice of having my counseling skills tested (I mean how dare they? Really), I'm teaching myself/relearning photoshop, html, and blog design. I'm hopeful that in a few weeks I can start a small little site to design blogs so I can bring in a little extra cash. I'm going to call it Peachy Keen Designs. But I would really like to test out my skills first to see if I can really do this. So if any of you guys would let me design your blogs for free, I will be your slave for life (or at least until your design. Don't worry I will first create a mock up for you to approve before installing it on your blog. That way if you don't like it/don't want it it is no big deal. And I won't have any hurt feelings promise. Unfortunately I can only offer this to people with blogger blogs because I don't know anything about word press. However if you want a banner for your word press blog, I can do that!

Here are some of the banners I've made so far. These are a little simple but I'm learning so much everyday and improving by the minute. Also I can use photographs to make banners too; I just didn't have any photos I really wanted to use in my banners.

The layouts will include a template (if you want a three-columned blog), banner, background,  sidebar title tags, advertising button/entrecard, and a custom signature under every post. And possible custom font for post titles and sidebar title (I'm still working on figure that one out, but I've almost got it). The design will not mess up any of your current widgets, gadgets, of thingamajigs.

If you are interested in me designing your blog, comment on my blog with your e-mail address or email me at Please put something about blog design in the e-mail title so I don't think it is spam and delete it.  


  1. Damn, I hate that I'm on wordpress right now.


    And I may take you up on that banner soon! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, those banners are so cute! I don't think I've ever said this before, but I wish I had blogger instead of typepad ;) Good luck with your class and your blog design business. I hope you'll point us in the direction of some of your amazing work when it's completed!

  3. I'm sure you will do fine in your class! Deep breaths! :)

    While I'm on Word Press, I do know a few folks on Blogger so I will pass along your offer. And do be sure to let us know where your designs end up...would love to see them.

  4. Aww sorry about the pain in the ass class. You are going to pass no question though! I've missed you too! I love that you're going to learn blog design, yay!! I would LOVE it if you helped me make over my blog. I'm on wordpress so I'd definitely just love a new banner. Mine is old and outdated to hell and back. Hellllpp. :-) I will sing your praises!

  5. Saw your work on a friend's blog..I loved it!! You did a great job, if you aren't back logged with requests for I would love for you to design a layout for me. My email is


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