Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Put a Little South in Your Mouth

Thought of The Day: I really want to buy a Vuvuzela horn and play it all night long.

And now for your regularly scheduled post: Y'all I'm going home on Friday! And if you are thinking, "Brittany, aren’t you already at home?" The answer would be err sort of. California is the home I've made with my husband, California is where I love on my dog, and drive Homer the Honda down the freeway (with no more fear hooray!). But I am a true blue Southerner at heart, cut me open and you'll find that I bleed banjos and grits. Which is kind of worrisome from a medical stand point, and kind of disgusting from a culinary stand point. No I'm flying HOME to visit my mother in Alabama and then driving over to Mississippi to visit my college friends.

I've been planning on getting home to Alabama for a while, and luckily my mom thought I was worth purchasing me a plane ticket. But because my mom purchased the ticket, I kind of have to play by her rules. And my mother is kind of crazy and she is really particular about doctor appointments. So when she found out I was coming home, she got all sorts of excited and made me a dentist and eye appointment! Who wants to go to the dentist and eye doctor on their vacation? I'm 24 years old and perfectly capable of making my own appointments. OK, so I haven't done any of these things since I moved, but I could have. And I'm still banking on the fact that I can weasel my way out of them, if I promise to do that when I come back (with fingers crossed behind my back).

The only thing I wish (except to not go on those doctor's appointments) is that Adam could come with me. First of all I want him to come because I always get a little insecure that he won't miss me while I'm gone (though he always does). But also it's more fun to travel with someone. Adam is a gentleman and ALWAYS takes the middle seat, so I don't have to sit by strangers or endure any awkward small talk. I hate awkward small talk with strangers, and it seems like when I fly alone I'm always stuck by some chatterbox that wants to comment on everything, including my reading material (which is slightly embarrassing because I like to indulge in a little Cosmo magazine when flying). But on the plus side, Adam is scared of flying, so at least I won't have to convince him that we aren't all going to die! Every time we hit a little turbulence.

Going home also means going out to eat. And going out with friends means visiting our old haunts. Meaning never ending chips and queso at Mi Torros and plates of cream cheese wontons at Peking. Not to mention the BOOOZE! And what will I do without my gym? AWWWW. I'm so scared I won't be able to resist and will gain back 10 lbs!! 

Knock! Knock! Do you guys have any dieting and traveling advice? Or should I just forget it and enjoy myself?


  1. Definitely pack summer clothes...it is like Africa hot all over the south....especially when you factor in horrible humidity.

    As far as dieting....I would have a good time, just don't go crazy with everything and you should be fine. And if you do gain a few, you work harder when you get back. But have FUN! And be safe.

  2. i hope you have fun! and yes, enjoy yourself and work out when you get back ;)

  3. A little of both-you can still squeeze in a workout or two, or you can make sure you walk a bit more than usual.

    As for eating, I'm a firm believer that you can still indulge without going overboard. Eat the cream cheese wontons (yum!) but just not too many, and make sure to eat a salad or two. It's all about portion control.

    Have a great time at home!!! I'm with you-I prefer having Match with me on trips because it's just more fun with your other half. Now I want some wontons...


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