Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Random Thoughts I’ve Had This Week

"Did Adam just really say he would actually still wear the Hammer Pants Circa M.C. Hammer from the 80s in public? And he wasn't kidding? I think that is grounds for divorce."

"Don't fall off the treadmill again, Don't fall off the treadmill again."

"Now that I'm done working for the summer, I sure watch a whole lot of Game Shows. Maybe Game shows is my own version of the typical housewife that watches Soap Operas and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Like Housewives 3.0."

"Does my dog really love me? Or does she only love me because I've held her captive for so long. Sorta like Stockholm Syndrome."

"My mother is not taking my calls today, she obviously doesn't love me anymore. This is definitely influencing the cost of her mother's day gift."

"I can’t believe I set the timer on the oven and forgot to actually put the chicken in the oven. Good Job, Brittany! Way to waste gas and time!"


  1. It's HammerTime! I would recognize you two in a shopping mall....the man flashing back to the 80's and the woman walking like she doesn't know the person talking to her! :)

    My personal favorite is yelling at a pan of water that will. not. boil. ~ only to realize I have yet to turn the burner on. One of those "oh crap" moments.

  2. Ack, what if my dog doesn't love me either?! Now you have me questioning his loyalty. Hehehe. Although even when he escapes from the yard I find him sitting on my doorstep waiting for me to get home. :-)

    I would rock the hammer pants too. At least around the house. ;-)


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