Monday, May 24, 2010

Jack Bauer Says, "Eat Cake or the Terroists Win."

Step One: For weeks listen to your husband talk about how sad he is that 24 is ending. Half-jokingly suggest that you oughta bake a cake to celebrate. Find out that you husband thinks this is the Best! Idea! Ever!

Step Two: Spend a lot of time in the cake aisle at your local grocery store bickering about whether or not the 24 logo is orange or yellow as if the fate of the world depends on it. He thinks it is yellow, and you should probably listen to him because he is a 24 addict. But you think it is orange and you won't concede defeat. You are so convincing that he decides it really is orange. You feel vindicated.

Step Three:  When your husband isn't looking, you go to Google to see if you were right about the 24 logo being orange. But first you become distracted for ten whole minutes by the Pacman game that has replaced the Google logo. You remind yourself why you were on Google in the first place, and discover that your husband was right about the logo being yellow. Decide not to tell your husband that you were wrong, because it might give him bragging rights. Because for the rest of your life, he would remind you of that time you were wrong.

Step Four: Then you realize that he is probably going to figure out he was right anyway when you and him watch the finale on TV Monday night. Decide you will milk it until then anyway, and maybe try to convince him he is color blind.

Step  Five: Lean over the cake with the icing, terrified to start because you might mess it up. The Horrors! Repeat to yourself over and over again that, “It is only a series of trapezoids, it is only a series of trapezoids." Remember that you failed Geometry the first time you took it, and question if the shape is actually a trapezoid. Go back to Google to find out what shape actually is. Get distracted by Pacman again, and then decide that you don't actually care about the name of the shape. STEP AWAY FROM THE PACMAN GAME.

Step Six: Hold your breath and start to draw. Think "One Trapezoid Down, Only Eight to Go."

Step Seven: Your husband wants to try so you glare at him. Doesn't he know that he is throwing off your groove? Let him try anyway, and watch as he becomes intimidated, claiming that you do it better. Find your groove again and take back over. Finish the cake. Think it is not perfect, but still looks good.

P.S.-Can you guess which part of the two my husband did?


  1. I don't have a clue about this show or the logo color however I'm impressed you baked and decorated a cake for the conclusion. You are definitely someone I need to be closer to! :)

  2. See, this makes me wish you were my neighbor so you could have baked me a LOST cake. Or maybe cupcakes that are mysteriously placed all over the house. Because that would so follow the frustration and fun that is that show. ;-)
    Man, all of the good shows are ending. They better start making something good to replace them! Or else we're all going to have to start talking to each other during prime time, yikes!!

  3. Just for the sake of the math teacher in me...they are irregular hexagons. Hexagons because they're six-sided (trapezoids only have 4) and irregular because not all sides are the same length.

    Hope the mini-geometry lesson didn't offend you...

    Loved the way you wrote about it! My husband laughed too:)

  4. That so totally cracked me up!


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