Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hoo Hoos with Dragonfly Tattoos

Right now I'm in a class called Counseling Psychometrics, it's a little bit about psychological tests, a lot about statistics, and a whole lot of confusing. There are a few classes I took in my undergrad at MUW that I was able to skate through without learning a thing. I took two whole years of French and I can still only really say Bonjour and Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? (Think Moulin Rouge)! I don't have an ear for languages, but I did enjoy reading The Little Prince and eating all that French food. Yum Crepes.

Philosophy flew over my little ditzy blonde head, and I only remember learning the definition of a tautology (which I don't think is even a philosophical term, uhh maybe it is, see I still don't know a thing). And then of course there was applied statistics. I had a rather brilliant but flighty professor who wasn't the best at conveying the concepts, and plus the class was in the computer lab, and that was that time period when Britney Spears was really losing her marbles, so I would spend the whole class reading (this was before I realized how freakin mean Perez really is, and stopped encouraging the cruelty).

Most people in the class think our current professor looks like Jason Hammer from Iron Man 2. I told them that I think he looks like a leprechaun, and they told me I was just being mean. But I swear he does! Anyway, when he starts going over all those statistical concepts, we all just start looking around at each other like, "Do you understand what he is saying?" None of us are majoring in counseling because we are good at math. But when we talk about the psychological testing aspect it is somewhat interesting. And last week one of the teams did a presentation on the Rorschach Ink Blot test. You know the test when you interpret ink blots, and if you see sunshine & rainbows you are a good person, if you see gruesome acts you are a psychopath, and if you see dirty things you are just a pervert. It's like an adult version of seeing shapes in the cloud!

After their presentation rapped, they gave us this little hand out with all the little ink-blots on them. But we had no time to look at them because soon we had to get into our teams and do a little group project. But the project didn't take much time, so I whipped out the ink blots so we could check them out.*
I have absolutely no clue what this says about me. But the only thing I see when I look at this picture is two elephants joined at the trunks wearing party hats. Does that mean that I'm happy and optimistic? Does it mean that I watched too much Dumbo as a kid? I don't know, but I know no one else in my class saw what I did.
I see two women with their ta-tas hanging out maybe standing around some kind of well. So Mr. Rorschach would probably label me a pervert.....  
Anyone call for Optimus Prime (Transformers)?
This is by far my favorite. And I saw something in this one that nobody else did. Two dolphins holding up the Eiffel Tower! Am I crazy are do you see it too? 
Then we got to this last inkblot and the whole time we had been hollering out whatever we saw, but this time everyone got really quiet. Because we were all thinking the same thing, and we were all thinking something dirty. And because I can't help myself, and I have no shame, I just blurted out that it looks like a Hoo Hoo with a Dragonfly tattoo! And it probably wouldn't have been so funny had it not been so late and had we not been so tired. But we all just started laughing so hard that we couldn't breath. And there was one boy in our group, and he just turned bright red! I was so worried Professor Leprechaun would catch on, but he didn't. So I guess no matter how old you get it's always a little fun to be a little immature. But really can't you see it? Or does something about being stuck with the same people for fours hours every week but you on the same perverted wave length?

*The hand-out I had with the inkblots had them all really tiny. Now that they are blown up they look a little different than they did on that paper. So if you don't see what I see you are not nuts!


  1. Oh, man. I had to take one of those inkblot tests many, many years ago. Except it wasn't anything like the ones you have. I can see things in those. (Though I saw a bear(?) rug before I saw a vajayjay.) This one was just a giant inky blob and the shrink would NOT believe me when I said I saw nothing in it. We fought about it for, like, 10 minutes. O.o And I'm one of the least argumentative people you'll ever come across.

  2. hahahaha I saw all te stuff you saw... I actually found myself looking before reading if you know what I mean.. lol.. soooo if you're a wack job, please post it... it'll be the cheapest analysis I'll EVER get.. lol...

  3. Ok...I saw the elephants...but instead of ta-ta's, it looked like snooty waiters standing over a table to me for some reason. And instead of dolphins, I was thinking sea horses (maybe cause of the color?) and the Eiffel Tower. The others just looked like ink blobs. :)

  4. Haha, I totally see the tatas. I don't see the hoo hoo though. The first blot looks like an angry clown to me. What does that say about me? I saw the elephants only after I read what you wrote. Hmmm.

    I really miss getting all silly in study groups in college. We used to laugh all the time!


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